The National Heritage listing process

The National Heritage List's nomination and assessment process is open and consultative.

Nominating a place

Anyone can nominate a place with outstanding heritage value to be considered for inclusion on the National Heritage List. Nominations must set out the qualities or values of the place that make it outstanding to the nation by indicating how the place meets one or more of the nine National Heritage significance criteria.

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If you wish to nominate a place for National Heritage List, you can request a nomination kit.

Assessing nominations

The Australian Heritage Council (the Council) assesses the heritage values of a nominated place against the nine national heritage criteria and reports to the Minister for the Environment (the Minister)."

In conducting its assessments, the Council must consult with the owner or occupier of a place as well as Indigenous people with rights or interests in the place, where appropriate.

The Minister may consult further prior to a listing decision and will make the final decision on listing.

Any comments on the values and possible listing of the place provided during consultation with the public, owners and occupiers must be given to the Minister.

As the nomination is assessed, information about the place is recorded in the Australian Heritage Database.

Only information on a place's national values will be recorded in the National Heritage List. It is these heritage values and not necessarily the place itself that will be protected through this listing.

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