Asia-Pacific Focal Point

for World Heritage Managers

How does the Focal Point provide assistance?

The Focal Point is hosted by the Heritage Strategy Branch, Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, Canberra, Australia. It draws on the skills of Australia's Commonwealth and State management agencies, scientific experts, and the World Heritage Centre, advisory bodies, the academic community, the New Zealand Department of Conservation, and other World Heritage managers in the region.

Cooperation to avoid duplication will be a key aim of the Focal Point. States requesting assistance from the Focal Point will have a prime role to play in avoiding duplication, for example, identical requests to other bodies (such as the World Heritage Centre and the UNESCO Apia or Bangkok office) should be avoided or it should be made clear if advice has been requested from other sources.

The Focal Point operates as follows:

  1. Questions are received from States in the Asia-Pacific region (receipt will be acknowledged)
  2. The Focal Point will propose who will respond, from either the World Heritage Branch, Australian Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, the New Zealand Department of Conservation, advisory bodies (ACIUCN, Australia ICOMOS ), or other partners (including AusHeritage)
  3. The respondent, with the agreement of the State Party seeking the advice, will advise a core group of partners of the request/question and who has been proposed by the Focal Point to respond. This will ensure that other bodies, who believe they also have advice or information to provide, can assist. This will help avoid duplication.

The core group will comprise:

Responses will be channelled via the Focal Point to the state party requesting the advice.

  1. With the agreement of the State Party requesting the advice, the question and the response will be made available on the APFP web site for the benefit of others who may have similar issues/questions. If a State Party does not wish to be identified, reference to them will be deleted and the advice amended to allow it to be placed on the web site (if, given the nature of the question, this can be done).

Sharing information and experiences

States in the region can request that information relevant to the implementation of the convention be placed on the web site, making it available to all who access the site.

Contact the Focal Point for assistance.


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