Australian Heritage Strategy - about the Strategy

Draft Strategy available for public comment

A draft of the Australian Heritage Strategy is now available for public comment. You are invited to provide feedback on the themes, priorities and actions documented in the draft Strategy.

About the Strategy

On 1 November 2013, the Australian Government announced the re-starting of the Australian Heritage Strategy as one of Australia’s key heritage priorities. Australia has a rich natural and cultural heritage that underpins our sense of place and national identity. Cultural and natural heritage contributes significantly to our national story and sense of who we are.

The aim of the Strategy is provide a framework for leadership, partnerships and community engagement. It will support the work of individuals, organisations and governments by providing a common direction for the recognition and protection of Australia’s heritage. 

The release of the draft Strategy is an opportunity for everyone to discuss what types of heritage should be protected, and how best to manage and maintain these places. All Australians are encouraged to participate in the development of the Strategy.

Heritage is central to the Government’s Plan for a Cleaner Environment and is a fundamental pillar of the Government’s vision for Australia - clean air, clean water, clean land and heritage protection.

A draft Strategy has been released for public comment.