Adelaide Mosque Reconstruction of Two Western Minarets: progress reports

Progress report one (January 2010)

The project is underway with a timeframe in place. Contractors have been selected.

Development Approval is required, including Planning Approval and Building Rules Approval. These are to be granted by the Corporation of the City of Adelaide.

Progress report two (April 2010)

Technical difficulties arose in the reconstruction the two front minarets. The project to rebuild the minarets was based on the construction of the rear two minarets, however it has recently been discovered that the two front minarets are constructed from a harder concrete than the ones in the rear. This discovery has had an effect on time and budget costs.

It is now proposed that the remaining concrete will be kept in place on both minarets, and concrete padding will be added in addition to a reinforced outer skin of kevlar.

Progress report three (June 2010)

Due to the difficulties posed by the discovery of harder concrete in the front two minarets, the completion of this project was delayed. It is now due to be completed by August.

Work has been undertaken on the concrete core and footings of both the north-west and south-west minarets. Existing bricks have also been sorted and cleaned for reinstallation. As some original feature bricks are missing, new bricks to match these are currently being custom made.

Final result (May 2011)

The project has been completed in accordance with the principles of the Burra Charter. The minarets have been rebuilt using the maximum amount of historic material, whilst bringing them up to the current structural requirements. The original unreinforced concrete core of the south-west minaret was retained rather than being demolished. It was reinforced externally and underpinned with piles to incorporate it into the new structure. This completes the restoration of all four minarets on the earliest surviving Islamic structure in Australia.

Adelaide Mosque is part of the Adelaide City Council's Heritage Trails. Restoration has restored the building's prominence to the street and precinct.