Indigenous Heritage Programme - funded projects 2009-10

Table Indigenous Heritage Program: Funding Outcomes 2009-2010
Project Title Project Description Organisation Funding Amount
New South Wales
Heritage Management The project will identify places of Aboriginal cultural heritage. Results from the survey will combine with the results from previous training surveys to prepare a written report. All results will be incorporated into the organisation's site register and a Management Plan. Dharriwaa Elders Group Inc $90,000.00
Northern Sydney Rock Art Recording The project will carry out full recording of rock art sites in Northern Sydney to provide a baseline to future monitoring and management works, a permanent record in case of damage and deterioration and a resource for research and analysis, education, training and culture. Aboriginal Heritage Office $28,000.00
Llandilo Site Clean Up The project will clean up the Llandilo Site, situated in the Penrith region, including the removal of old cars, garbage, asbestos boards and weeds. Following this will begin the process of assessment, research and documentation of the heritage values of the site, for eventual inclusion in relevant heritage registers. Ibiubu Aboriginal Corporation $76,945.00
Kalare Burial Site Restoration Project The project will repair and restore Aboriginal burial sites throughout the Lachlan catchment that have been adversely affected by current land management practices and deterioration through age. Lachlan Aboriginal Natural Resource Management Group $99,150.00
Northern Territory
Dhimurru IPA Heritage Protection The project will continue the sustainable management and protection of cultural resources belonging to Traditional Owners of the Gove Peninsula area, with particular focus on sites and areas within Dhimurru's Indigenous Protected Area. Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation $90,000.00
Namunidjbuk Estate Cultural and Natural Heritage Information Management System This project will integrate an information management system with the requirements and program of the Mardbalk Sea Rangers. It is the first stage of a three year program to establish a heritage management system for Namunidjbuk Estate. Australian National University $60,000.00
Kuninjku Rock Art The project will collate all previous research of the rock art of the region into a common retrieval system. Additionally it is proposed to undertake the necessary field work to complete Bawinanga's knowledge base, and to add the remaining sites to its growing data base. Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation $49,000.00
Jawoyn - Cultural Heritage Mapping Stage 3 The project will continue to record stories, place names and history from the only remaining Aboriginal with extensive knowledge of the Jawoyn regions of the Arnhem Land Aboriginal Trust (ALT), Eva Valley ALT and the Beswick ALT. Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation $92,000.00
Jawoyn - Site Cataloguing Project Stage 2 The project is to provide funding for an anthropologist/archaeologist and Traditional Owners to complete the formal site report writing for various heritage sites. The project will involve archaeological report writing with the possibility of a small number of helicopter site visits (if necessary) to confirm interpretation or data integrity. Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation $70,500.00
Jawoyn Rock Art and Cultural Heritage Project - Stage 5 The project is to continue with the objectives from previous stages to record Jawoyn sites and knowledge that has been neglected within the Jawoyn Communities and Land Trusts since Jawoyn Lands were returned. Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation $90,000.00
Keep River Sites of Significance and Rock Art Conservation The project will conserve rock art sites and pass on knowledge through cultural transmission. Mirima Council Aboriginal Corporation $82,250.00
Albert Namatjira's House, Hermannsburg The project will undertake repairs and renovations to Albert Namatjira's house located at Hermannsburg Ingkerreke Outstations Resource Services Aboriginal Corporation $59,050.00
The Old Cemetery, Jay Creek Community The project will undertake fencing and other ground works at the Old Cemetery at Jay Creek Community Ingkerreke Outstations Resource Services Aboriginal Corporation $33,750.00
Fence Aboriginal Burial Place and install plaque at Georgetown The project will place a fence around the Aboriginal burial place at Georgetown and install a plaque Etheridge Shire Council $39,570.00
Carbine Rock Art and Axe Quarry This project will protect a series of paintings and carving sites and an axe quarry in the Dajarra region. Fencing off of the Carbine art site and axe quarry is to exclude cattle and deter unwanted visitors. Signage will be put up to identify the site and its values. Desert Channels Queensland Inc $17,800.00
Mapping and Recording of Indigenous Heritage Sites in the Northern Gulf of Carpentaria The project will map and record part of the Indigenous Cultural Heritage for Traditional Owner language groups in the Northern Gulf Region of Queensland. Northern Gulf Resource Management Group Ltd $97,000.00
Girringun's Cultural Heritage Identification, Mapping and Management Project This project will provide for the engagement of an experienced cultural heritage officer who will assist the Elders of Girringun to identify, record and plan for the protection of their cultural heritage resource across the 56,000km of their traditional country. Girringun Aboriginal Corporation $99,900.00
Saltwater Creek Midden Remedial Protection Work The project will construct a reventment wall at the Saltwater Creek Midden Site to stop the erosive effects of tides and boat wash Ngarang-Wal Gold Coast Aboriginal Association Incorporated $48,630.00
Recording the Cultural Heritage of Stock Routes The project will document and map the social, cultural and historic Indigenous values of the stock route network of Queensland's southern North West Highlands Southern Gulf Catchments Inc $90,386.00
Walking and Talking Country Program The project includes strategies for cultural maintenance focusing on access to country for transmission of cultural knowledge through practices such as site visits and hunting and gathering, education programs and cultural tourism to share the knowledge Waluwarra Aboriginal Corporation $90,000.00
Fantome Island Documentary This project aims to produce a documentary about the little known history of Fantome Island, which will serve as a historical record of peoples lived experiences on the island and as an educational resource for the younger generation on Palm Island as well as for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people throughout Australia. Strong and Smart Inc $59,270.00
Bidgerley Learning Centre Parklands Project The project is to provide a boardwalk at the Bidgerley Learning Centre to enable visitors to walk the full circuit around the Pink Lily Lagoon and learn about traditional uses for the native plants in the parklands and sites of cultural significance to the Traditional Owners, whilst minimising disturbance to the sites Woora Consulting Pty Ltd $88,798.00
Camira Bora Ground Conservation and Interpretation The project aims to conserve and interpret one of our few remaining Bora Grounds located within the City of Ipswich. The project will be undertaken in close consultation with the three Tribes (Jagera, Yuggera and Ugarapul) who have signed an Indigenous Land Use Agreement with Ipswich City Council. Ipswich City Council $64,525.00
South Australia
Ngadjuri Heritage Project: Plumbago Station This project will undertake systematic field surveys of Plumbago Station, in the mid-north of South Australia, to identify and record the heritage significance of Ngadjuri sites on the Station. Conduct associated archival research. Record the data into a database and continue to develop GIS cultural maps for the region. Ngadjuri Heritage Committee $99,251.00
Ngarrindjeri Caring for Country Cultural Heritage Project The project further develops strategic cultural heritage management planning of Ngarrindjeri Ruwe (lands and waters) through key projects involving management plan development, conservation, strategic planning and research. Ngarrindjeri Land and Progress Association Inc $80,000.00
Lake Gairdner National Park Indigenous Cultural Heritage Management Plan This project will develop an Indigenous Cultural Heritage Management Plan for Lake Gairdner National Park South Australian Native Title Services Ltd $85,000.00
Finniss Springs Mission Station Conservation Management Plan The project will develop a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for the Finniss Springs Mission site. The CMP will be developed by experienced heritage consultants following consultation with the Traditional Owners and other stakeholders. Aboriginal Lands Trust SA $45,450.00
Identifying and Recording Aboriginal Rock Art Sites, Woomera SA The project will document eight Aboriginal rock art (engraving) sites within the Woomera Prohibited Area Kokatha Mula Nation's Land Council Inc. Association $38,817.00
Poonindie Native training Tourism Strategy The project will develop a strategy that includes plans for a tourist trail and interpretation/information signage for the implementation of a guided tourism activity of the 'Poonindie' site. Poonindie was Australia's first 'Native Training Settlement', established in 1850. Port Lincoln Aboriginal Community Inc $35,000.00
Developing the TALSC's Cultural Heritage Information System (stage 2) The project is to implement the second stage of TALSC's Cultural Heritage Information System, which will include data inventory and migration, system review and enhancement, and training workshops for community in the use of the system Tasmanian Aboriginal Land and Sea Council Aboriginal Corporation $90,000.00
Developing a site management plan for Deep Bay cultural heritage site in Southern Tasmania The project is to develop a site plan for the Deep Bay coastal area, identifying management actions that will lead to the rehabilitation and protection of Aboriginal heritage values and enhance the Aboriginal cultural landscape. South East Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation $81,200.00
Bunjil Artsite - Boardwalk and Sculptural Steel Protection Device (cage) The project is to replace the current 'cage' or barrier at Bunjil Shelter Rock Art Site, and the development of a boardwalk to provide improved access and ongoing protection of the reserve's cultural values. Parks Victoria $40,000.00
Mt Barker Stone Arrangements Report This project is to systematically survey, map and record the stone arrangement at Mt Barker. The project will also investigate the ethno-historical and archaeological context, distinguish European from Indigenous artefacts, and develop a conservation plan. La Trobe University $69,448.00
Conservation of Administration Building The project is to implement the schedule of conservation and repair works to the administration building, as identified in the Conservation Management Plan (CMP), to ensure that the heritage values of the building are protected and managed in the future Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust $37,550.00
Restoration of the Map of Australia Feature at Lake Tyers The project is to assist the conservation of a concrete slab featuring a painted relief of the map of Australia, to deter further deterioration and preserve it for future generations. Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust $13,300.00
Kurtonitj Access Feasibility Study and Implementation The project is to undertake the Kurtonitj Access Feasibility Study to provide heritage planning for vehicle and pedestrian access on this property, which was purchased by the Indigenous Land Corporation and currently leased to Winda Mara Aboriginal Corporation Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation $51,500.00
Western Australia
Woodstock Abydos Heritage Plan The project is to develop a heritage management plan for the Woodstock/Abydos Protected Area (site 33) in the East Pilbara region and prepare material to assist with identifying the Indigenous heritage values of the region Yamatji Marlpa Barna Baba Maaja Aboriginal Corporation $100,000.00
Balanggarra Saltwater Country - King George Falls This project seeks to protect the burial site on top of the King George River falls and the rock art sites along the river Kimberley Land Council Aboriginal Corporation $21,500.00
Mayala Saltwater Country - Buccaneer Archipelago This project will implement some of the recommendations of the management plan for the Buccaneer Archipelago by bringing Traditional Owners back to country. Travelling with a charterboat to the respective islands, senior Traditional Owners, and youth will visit the Herbert Island group to look after fresh water places, assess rock art sites, monitor visitors, clean up traditional camping beaches and transfer traditional knowledge Kimberley Land Council Aboriginal Corporation $25,450.00
Willinggin Country - Mangurray Fencing Project This project aims to construct a 3km wire fence around this large site primarily to prevent tourists from driving into Mangurray causing damage to the site and its immediate surroundings Kimberley Land Council Aboriginal Corporation $15,700.00
Ngalia Cultural Heritage Management System (Goldfields) This project is to collate existing and new heritage information to create a comprehensive database of traditional knowledge for the Ngalia people. The database will integrate cultural heritage sites and values with traditional land management knowledge and protocols. National Trust of Australia (WA) $90,750.00
Jigalong Cemetery The project is centred around fencing of the Jigalong Cemetery and re-erecting tomb stones/markers on graves. Documentation of grave sites to ensure sites are preserved for future generations. Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation $85,640.00
Juluwarlu Cultural Mapping Book and DVD Project The project will produce a book and DVD on the 'Winjiwarra' or Hooley Station area, which will provide a detailed look at all the significant Yindjibarndi sites in this area Juluwarlu Aboriginal Corporation $91,000.00
Return to Country The project will enable Elders, other older Martu and younger Martu to return to their traditional country to identify significant Indigenous heritage places, transfer knowledge and stories relating to those places to younger Martu, undertake basic heritage planning and high priority conservation and preservation activities Western Desert Lands Aboriginal Corporation (Jamukurnu Yapalinkunu) $99,372.00
Northern Spinifex Heritage Project Undertake bush trips, directed by community Elders, into traditional Spinifex country with three main purposes: locating, cleaning and reconnecting with sites of significance, transmission of site specific information to younger community members, and documenting cultural knowledge and geographical information about the site and adjacent country Ilkurlka Aboriginal Corporation $36,450.00
Conserving the Ninu Dreaming track in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands The project is to follow the dreaming track of the ninu (bilby) that comes from the west through the Mt Beadell area to Mt Samuel area and south past Tjirrkarli to Marrura rockhole on the Great Central Road (Western Australia) south of Tjukayirla. The genealogies and relevant historical information will be recorded and specific heritage sites along the dreaming track will be recorded and maintained. The information gathered will provide a framework by which a management plan for future heritage protection will be developed Ngaanyatjarra Council Aboriginal Corporation $100,000.00
Spinifex Heritage and Mapping Project The project will continue the in-country work of the previous Spinifex Heritage Project and commence and oversee the process of collecting and integrating data and cultural material gathered from the current and previous years projects (plus other sources) into a new, active Spinifex Mapping Project and Database Pila Nguru Aboriginal Corporation $49,350.00
Sharing Noongar Heritage The project will interpret and share Noongar heritage information on the world wide web. This project involves negotiating with Noongar groups to determine the sites and stories that will be collected, interpreted and shared, then cataloguing the data and uploading this to the web South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council Aboriginal Corporation $100,000.00
Cape Arid Cultural Heritage Assessment Project (South Coast) This project involves a full-scale cultural mapping program of the Cape Arid National Park to record exposed artefacts, record oral histories and historical features, determine the need for conservation works, make recommendations for future management, and integrate the data with a high level archaeological research program exploring human-environment interactions in the region over the Pleistocene Holocene transition National Trust of Australia (WA) $70,550.00
Honouring Indigenous War Graves The project is to place headstones and perform an accompanying ceremony to honour departed Indigenous people for their contribution made for Australia in war time. HIWG liaises with the family and organises the construction and placement of the headstone on the unmarked grave that could be located anywhere in WA. Honouring Indigenous War Graves Inc $100,000.00