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The Cooperative National Heritage Agenda (CHNA)

The Cooperative National Heritage Agenda (CNHA) was originally created and endorsed by the Environment Protection and Heritage Council (EPHC) in 2006 as the basis for enhanced national cooperation between the Commonwealth and State and Territory governments on heritage issues.

In 2009, the Heritage Chairs and Officials of Australia and New Zealand undertook a review of the original 2006 priority list and sought EPHC agreement to revitalise the list by adding several new priority projects.

The revised 2009 Cooperative National Heritage Agenda includes:

  1. National standards for data collection and reporting measure
  2. Cooperation on research
    1. Heritage and environment sustainability (domestic heritage buildings) ;
    2. Heritage and envirnmental sustainability (commercial heritage buildings) ;
    3. Heritage economics research ;
    4. Historic Shipwrecks National Collaborative Research Project 
  3. A comprehensive national heritage inventory and information portal
  4. National standards and guidelines for conservation and management of heritage places
  5. Policy innovation on:
    1. guidance on heritage assistance programs;
    2. guidance on promoting sustainable heritage tourism; and
    3. guidance on the management of unsustainable heritage places
  6. Cooperation on heritage promotion and public engagement
  7. Working with local government 
  8. Heritage Trades and Professional Training Project 
  9. Heritage and the effects of climate change


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