Australian Heritage Information


Australian Heritage Information

The Australian Heritage Information webpage provides a centralised portal for access to Australian heritage information from each state and territory. The information and resources found here include the latest news and publications, guides and toolkits for local government, owners of heritage places, students and researchers. You can also search the Australian Heritage Places Inventory for a heritage place anywhere in Australia and find out about the agencies and organisations who manage them.

Information and tools for heritage property owners

Tasmania - Installing modern services on heritage buildings 

Cover of Installing modern services on heritage buildingsThis practice note outlines the principles to consider when updating services and facilities in heritage places. It provides advice on solar panels, wind turbines, water tanks, heating and gas installations, satellite dishes and antennae.

Information and tools for heritage education

NSW - Learning Heritage 

Front page of "Teaching Heritage" ( website includes over 750 photos and more than 1000 pages of journal articles, news, reports and excerpts from heritage documents.

Latest news and publications

Ruins: A guide to conservation and management

Cover of RuinsThis guide is designed to be used by government agencies, community groups, private owners and managers of all types of cultural heritage places. This guide is designed to highlight a best practice approach to the management of ruins in Australia.

Information and tools for local government

NSW - Heritage Listing publication 

Cover of Heritage Listing publicationThe publication briefly explains how Australian heritage and listing matter in the present day, beyond purely significance and links to the past. The most common questions about economic effects and acceptable change are also answered. Helping to demystify listing effects, it also gives owners a practical insight into how to develop sympathetic renovations.


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