QANTAS Hangar, Longreach

Australian Heritage Council

National Heritage Assessment
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About this assessment

On 11 March 2008, the Australian Heritage Council completed its assessment of the National Heritage values of the QANTAS Hangar Longreach. The AHC found the hangar is of outstanding heritage value.  The humble structure is one of the earliest sites of civil aviation in Australia and where QANTAS began its operations. It is significant for its association with the central figures in QANTAS's development: Hudson Fysh, Paul J McGinness, Fergus McMaster, and Arthur Baird. It is also associated with the start of the Flying Doctor Service.

The Council's final assessment report as given to the Minister is attached.

In some cases the Minister will have made amendments to such matters as boundaries, values and descriptions, before listing the place. For final listing data visit the Australian Heritage Database or the National Heritage Listing for QANTAS Hangar, Longreach.