Sydney Harbour Bridge

Australian Heritage Council

National Heritage Assessment
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About this assessment

The Australian Heritage Council found the Sydney Harbour Bridge of outstanding national heritage significance. Its construction was a major event in Australia's history. Its opening in 1932 was pivotal in the development of modern Sydney and a focus for national optimism in the depths of the Great Depression. The Harbour Bridge has become an enduring national icon and the subject for many of Australia’s foremost artists. It is one of the world's greatest arch bridges. Although not the longest arch span in the world, its mass and load capacity are greater than other major arch bridges, and no other bridge in Australia compares with its technical significance. The bridge was the most costly engineering achievement in modern Australia, and although more than 80 years old, has still not reached its loading capacity. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is also significant for its association with John Job Crew Bradfield, one of Australia's greatest civil, structural and transport engineers, who prepared the general specifications and supervised the whole project.

The Council's final assessment report as given to the Minister is attached.

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