The Wave Hill Walk-Off Route

Australian Heritage Council

National Heritage Assessment
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About this assessment

The Australian Heritage Council found the Wave Hill Walk-Off Route of outstanding national heritage significance. On 22 August 1966, the Gurindji people led by Vincent Lingiari left Wave Hill Station in protest at their working conditions and the industrial framework applying to all Aboriginal pastoral populations. Demanding the return of traditional lands, they walked to Wave Hill Welfare Settlement (now Kalkarinji), camping in the nearby dry bed of the Victoria River. Their campaign drew public attention nationally. In March 1967 the Gurindji established a new community at Daguragu. The model combining Aboriginal autonomy and land rights shaped Australian government policy following the 1967 referendum. The Gurindji were the first Aboriginal community to have land returned to them by the Commonwealth Government. On the 15th August 1975, then Prime Minister Gough Whitlam transferred a lease purchased from Wave Hill to the Gurindji. The Wave Hill Walk-Off Route includes the location of key stages in these historic events.

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The names of individual assessors and nominators have been removed for privacy reasons.