Nominating a heritage place

National Heritage List nominations

Anyone can nominate a place with outstanding heritage values to the National Heritage List, including the Australian Government Environment Minister and the Australian Heritage Council. Nominations must set out the qualities or values of the place that makes it outstanding to the nation by indicating how the place meets one or more of the National Heritage criteria.

The National Heritage List's nomination and assessment process is open and consultative. Any information provided during the consultation phase must be brought to the attention of the Minister.

Under the new system, only information on a place's national values will be recorded in the National Heritage List. It is these heritage values and not necessarily the place itself that will be protected through this listing. These heritage values will need to be outstanding to the nation, so it is not yet clear how many places might have exceptional heritage values to warrant inclusion on the list.

Making a nomination

The Minister for the Environment (the Minister) invites people to nominate places for the National Heritage List for the assessment period 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016. Nominations must be received by the Department of the Environment by 6 February 2015, and be made on the official form, available from the Nominations Manager, whose address is given below, or by emailing The Minister has identified deserts and benevolent institutions as places of particular interest for consideration for the 2015-16 assessment period.

If you wish to nominate a place for National Heritage List, you can request a nomination kit.

The Council's role

The Australian Heritage Council assesses whether or not a nominated place has heritage values against the relevant criteria and makes a recommendation to the Minister on that basis.

In making its assessment, the Council must only consider whether the place has heritage value. In conducting its assessments, the Council must consult with the owner or occupier of a place as well as Indigenous people with rights or interests in the place, where appropriate.

The Minister makes the final decision on listing and may take into account social and economic matters.