Australian World Heritage Advisory Committee

The Australian World Heritage Advisory Committee (AWHAC) was established in 2008.  It is an expert forum which advises Australia’s Commonwealth, State and Territory governments on issues that affect Australia’s World Heritage properties.

AWHAC comprises a representative from each World Heritage property in Australia. Membership of AWHAC also includes two traditional owner representatives, who are also co-chairs of the Australian World Heritage Indigenous Network.

The role of this expert advisory committee includes providing a forum for World Heritage site managers to share information on best-practice management of World Heritage sites, facilitating the sharing of knowledge and experience, encouraging continual improvement in the protection of World Heritage properties, advising on the development of effective national policies, and identifying and considering matters that require an agreed common approach between multiple jurisdictions. Another of AWHAC’s specific functions is to advise on research, monitoring and other information needs for World Heritage properties.

AWHAC is currently developing a World Heritage Management Framework to provide consistent guidance on best practice to managers of Australian World Heritage properties. The Framework is intended to be a basis for meeting Australia’s obligations under the World Heritage Convention.  It will focus on the components which make up effective, best practice management and use of World Heritage areas.

The Australian World Heritage Advisory Committee (AWHAC) Terms of Reference

As updated by AWHAC 5 March 2015