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Australia has a unique dinosaur story to tell. During the Mesozoic Era, or Age of Dinosaurs, Australia was home to a fascinating and distinctive range of dinosaur species.

The Australian Dinosaur Story web site has been developed to help students and teachers discover more about the exciting creatures that inhabited the Australian landscape 180 to 65 million years ago as well as the environment that supported them.

Designed for easy navigation, the site includes a dedicated teachers' section with detailed lesson plans and activities, and a fantastic interactive student section with 3D dinosaur animations where three of Australia's extraordinary dinosaurs are brought to life. There is also an interactive student crossword and a quiz where you can test your new found knowledge of Australian dinosaurs after reading about the formation of the Australian continent, the environment in which dinosaurs lived, Australian dinosaurs and the Lark Quarry dinosaur trackways, recently included in the new National Heritage List for its outstanding heritage values.

Australian Government Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts/></p>
                          <p> </p>
                          <p>An initiative of the Australian Government Department 
                            of the Environment and Heritage and promoted as a 
                            pilot education project through the joint Commonwealth, 
                            States and Territories heritage web site <a, it is hoped the site will become a useful tool for teachers and students to increase their understanding of Australian dinosaurs and the Australian Dinosaur Story. As the site is dynamic and will be updated as more discoveries are made and more becomes known about Australian dinosaurs, add it to your favourites and visit it regularly.


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