Australian Dinosaur Story

Student Activity 1 ~ Science
A quick quiz


Circle the numbers of the correct answers for each of the following questions. Using the grid, colour all the squares that have the same number as those circled. Your coloured squares will spell out the meaning of the word dinosaur.

The periods of time in which dinosaurs lived were:

1. The Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous.
2. The Devonian, Cambrian and Cretaceous.
3. The Jurassic, Cambrian and Cretaceous.

Theropods were:

4. A group of ancient plants.
5. A group of dinosaurs that included the meat eaters.
6. A group of ancient reptiles that lived in the sea.

A Coelurosaur was:

7. A plant with fern like leaves.
8. A giant dinosaur that ate leaves.
9. A small dinosaur about the size of a chicken.

The climate of Australia during the Cretaceous Period was:

10. Cool to temperate.
11. Very hot and wet.
12. Very cold and wet.

Some dinosaurs swallowed these to help digest their food:

13. Ferns.
14. Pebbles.
15. Bones.

Scientists divide dinosaurs into two main groups, based upon:

16. Their foot structure.
17. Their skull structure.
18. Their pelvis structure.

Elliot was a huge:

19. Theropod.
20. Sauropod.
21. Ornithopod.

Lark Quarry is believed to be the site of the world's only:

22. Dinosaur stampede.
23. Dinosaur drinking hole.
24. Two-legged dinosaur.

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