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Formation of the Australian continent

- When did the dinosaurs live?
  - Why do scientists think this?
  - Did the Earth look the same during the Age of Dinosaurs?
  - Were dinosaurs able to survive while the continents moved?
  - Did the same species of dinosaurs live throughout the whole of the Age of Dinosaurs?
  - Why was the breaking up of the continents important to the dinosaurs?
  - What happened at the end of the Cretaceous Period?
  - What caused this extinction?
  - The break up of Pangaea interactive

Environment in which dinosaurs lived

- Was the climate in the Age of Dinosaurs similar to that of today?
  - How does this climate change affect the Earth?
  - What climate did Australia's dinosaurs live in during the Cretaceous Period?
  - Why do scientists think this big sea existed?
  - Were any of these marine animals dinosaurs?
  - What other animals and plants lived in the Cretaceous?
  - Do any of these animal and plant species exist today?
  - Was the climate consistent throughout Australia at that time?
  - Did the same dinosaur species occur all over Australia?
  - What did the dinosaurs eat?
  - How can scientists tell whether a dinosaur was a herbivore or a carnivore?

Australian dinosaurs

- What are the main dinosaur groups?
  - How did dinosaurs become fossils?
  - Did most dinosaurs become preserved as fossils?
  - Were entire dinosaurs preserved as fossils?
  - How do scientists identify dinosaurs from pieces of bone or part skeletons?
  - Examples of Australian dinosaurs
    - Hypsilodontid dinosaurs
    - Minmi
    - Muttaburrasaurus
    - Ozraptor
    - Rhoetosaurus
    - 'Elliot' the Sauropod
    - Lark Quarry dinosaurs
      - Skartopus (including 3D Coelurosaur animation)
      - Tyrannosauropus (including 3D Theropod animation)
      - Wintonopus (including 3D Ornithopod animation)
    - Did you know!
      - Dinosaur names
      - Climate in the past
      - Dinosaur bones
      - The colour and skin of dinosaurs
      - Different dinosaur species
      - Warm blooded or cold blooded dinosaurs
  - Dinosaur quiz interactive

Lark Quarry dinosaur stampede

- Introduction
  - How did dinosaur tracks form?
  - Are there other dinosaur trackways?
  - How old are the Lark Quarry 'trackways'?
  - How many dinosaurs made tracks left at Lark Quarry?
  - What can scientists tell from trackways?
  - What kinds of dinosaurs made the tracks at Lark Quarry?
  - What can scientists tell about the 'stampede'?
  - The excavation story
    - Discovery
    - Excavation
    - Preserving the site
  - Australian dinosaur fossil locations interactive
  - Lark Quarry crossword interactive

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