Australian Dinosaur Story

Introduction for teachers


This site is an initiative of the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Heritage and promoted as a pilot education project through the joint Commonwealth, States and Territories heritage web site It has been designed to educate middle to upper-primary students about the amazing and unique dinosaurs that lived in Australia primarily during the Cretaceous Period.

This web site contains background information for students on a number of dinosaur related topics, and follows a logical progression from the formation of the Australian continent to the discovery of dinosaur fossils. A particular focus is given to the discovery of dinosaur trackways at Lark Quarry, near Winton in central Queensland. Lark Quarry contains the only evidence in the world of a dinosaur stampede and was recently included in the new National Heritage List for its outstanding heritage values.

This web site includes 3D animations of the Lark Quarry dinosaurs that students can manipulate, an interactive depicting the break up of Pangaea (the 'super continent') and, quiz and crossword interactives with sounds and reward animations for students on completion.

Provided below are ideas for lesson plans in each of the Eight Key Learning areas in HTML and PDF format, along with 10 student activity sheets that can be photocopied for classroom use without infringing Copyright.

The Links section of this web site provides access to other web sites for students wishing to undertake further research on the topic.

We hope you and your students enjoy the Australian Dinosaur Story web site experience and we welcome your feedback. You can contact us via email at or you can write to:

Heritage Division
Department of the Environment and Heritage
GPO Box 787

Printable resources available on the Australian Dinosaur Story web site

For teachers

Australian Dinosaur Story lesson ideas (PDF, 122k)
Solutions to student activities (PDF, 156k)

For students

1. Science ~ A quick quiz (PDF, 174k)
2. Science ~ Create your own geological timeline (PDF, 100k)
3. Science ~ Interpreting ancient scenes (PDF, 121k)
4. Soc. & env. ~ Back in time cross-offs (PDF, 81k)
5. Soc. & env. ~ Dinosaur feeding at Cretaceous Park (PDF, 135k)
6. English ~ Tell your story (PDF, 92k)
7. English ~ Naming dinosaurs & other extinct reptiles (PDF, 118k)
8. English ~ Research it! (PDF, 96k)
9. Languages ~ Australian dinosaur language (PDF, 113k)
10. Maths ~ Picture graph (PDF, 128k)


Resources are also available in HTML format.

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