Australian Heritage Database

Search the Australian Heritage Database

The Australian Heritage Database contains information about more than 20,000 natural, historic and Indigenous places.

The database includes:

  • places in the World Heritage List
  • places in the National Heritage List
  • places in the Commonwealth Heritage list
  • places in the Register of the National Estate
  • places in the List of Overseas Places of Historic Significance to Australia
  • places under consideration, or that may have been considered for, any one of these lists.

How to use the Australian Heritage Database

Search tips general

  • Enter your search criteria into the respective fields e.g. place name
  • The more fields you fill in, the more refined your search and the less results will be returned. However, be aware that the more fields you complete, the greater the likelihood of making an error that may result in a receiving a nil return
  • If you cannot find a place, check spelling and try alternative names. Reduce the number of words used and use fewer fields.

Search tips advanced search

Advanced search allows you to:

  • Search a particular heritage list
  • Find a list of places in an area, via the local government field
  • Search using latitude, longitude and maps

If you require further assistance, please contact us.

Search results

The results of your search are listed in alphabetical order, and include the location and legal status details for each place.

The legal status of heritage places

The legal status of a heritage place describes its position in the heritage listing assessment process. Examples of types of legal status include nominated, rejected, and listed. Each list has its own types of legal status. Places with a legal status of 'Indicative' or 'Nominated' have not been assessed and the data in reports relating to these places will reflect the views of the nominator, not necessarily the view of the Council or the Minister.

Find out more about types of legal status for each heritage list

Place records

The information used to describe each place includes its:

  • values
  • legal status
  • significance
  • physical condition
  • history
  • location and boundaries
  • physical description
  • bibliography

Photographs of the place are included (if available) through links to the Australian Heritage Photographic Library

Information about many Indigenous places in the Register of the National Estate is not available on the Internet.


You can search using latitude, longitude and map reference for places in New South Wales, Western Australia, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory and External Territories.


  • Longitude coordinates should be entered as
  • Latitude coordinates should be entered as