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Funding for 2012-13 Indigenous Heritage Program projects was announced on 1 March 2013.

Table Indigenous Heritage Program: Funding Outcomes 2012-2013
Project Title Project Description Organisation Funding Amount
New South Wales
Coastal Erosion Management Plan, North Sydney The project is to launch a two year study that aims to protect northern Sydney's Aboriginal heritage sites from coastal erosion. The project will include the development of conservation and management plans. North Sydney Council $79,600
Northern Sydney Bushland Reserve Site Survey The project will seek to identify previously unrecorded sites in northern Sydney's urban bushland in Council reserves and parks. This project is Stage 2 of previous survey and will build on recommendations developed from Stage 1 to target locations more likely to contain sites. North Sydney Council $20,560
Rock Engraving Recording Project, Northern Sydney The project is to carry out full recording of rock engraving sites in Northern Sydney to provide a baseline for future monitoring and management works, a permanent record in case of damage and deterioration, a resource for research and analysis; and a resource for education, training and culture. North Sydney Council $40,150
Our Place A partnership between the Australian Research Institute for Environment and Sustainability (ARIES), the Hornsby Council the Darug Custodian Aboriginal Corporation and the Guringai Tribal Link Aboriginal Corporation to increase knowledge of traditional stories within the Hornsby area. Access Macquarie Ltd. $52,500
Dreaming Pathways of the Gundungurra Nation The project will record over 600 rock art images in the Gogongolly area of southern Kings Tableland, recording cultural sites along an important Gundungurra Pathway on Main Erskine Range between Brereton Bend and Erskine Gap and recording Gundunguura pathways between Pocket Creek and Gogongolly Creek and south Kings Tableland. Gundungurra Aboriginal Heritage Association Inc. $94,600
Conservation of Captain's Cottage Engage an appropriate professional heritage consultant to undertake a Heritage Plan and Interpretation Strategy for the building known as Captain's Cottage, located in Moama. The Plan will assist with the identification, conservation and promotion philosophy of the Australia ICOMOS Burra Charter. Moama Local Aboriginal Land Council $42,200
Lismore Showground Interpretive signage and Murals The project proposes to install interpretative signage and a mural at the Lismore Showgrounds site. North Coast NationalAgricultural and Industrial Society $65,840
Mungo Youth Project The project seeks funding to support the Mungo Youth Project and biennial conference. Office of Environment & Heritage $75,000
Oak Hill Aboriginal Place - Interpretative Signage The project will install Aboriginal Interpretative signage at Oak Hill Aboriginal Place in Yass. The signage will form part of a series of interpretive signs regarding sites that of Aboriginal cultural significance in Yass Valley. Yass Valley Council $10,000
Northern Territory
Reinvigorating Warumungu and Warlmanpa Women’s Cultural Heritage This project will support senior Warumungu and Warlmanpa female traditional owners to teach successive generations the information and practice required to manage the cultural heritage values of two Dreaming lines, the Mungamunga (dancing women) and the Milwayijarra (two quiet snakes). In addition senior women will also share stories and experiences related to five historical sites which have played an important role in the shaping of Warumungu and Warlmanpa culture today. Central Land Council $96,503
Mirrar Gundjeihmi cultural Heritage Site survey The aim of this project is to document significant heritage sites in Mirarr Gundjeihmi country in order to (a) contribute to the ongoing management of these sites by traditional owners and other stakeholder groups and (b) assist in the transfer of cultural knowledge relating to these sites from elders to Mirarr kids. Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation $216,000
Gunbalanya Oral Histories Project: stage one Using visits to historic camping places we aim to document stories of past life. The recording and sharing of these stories will contribute to a wider understanding of heritage places and culture in this region and the production of subsequent resources relating to these stories will promote understanding and respect for the heritage of local Indigenous people and places. Injalak Arts and Crafts Association Inc. $84,500
Protecting the past, ensuring the future: Warddeken Rock Art Conservation The aim is to assist indigenous landowners of the Warddeken Protected area to identify and map rock art sites, assess threats and, within a Conservation Action Planning framework and consistent with Burra Charter Principles, plan and deliver strategic conservation measures. Warddeken Land Management Ltd. $98,000
Umpila Heritage Survey (Triennial) The 'Umpila Heritage Survey (Triennial)' is a 3-year project of heritage site documentation and community engagement activities on Umpila country (IHP2 & IHP4), south of Lockhardt River community on Cape York. Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation Pty Ltd. $247,160
Development of a Strategic Plan for appropriate identification and protection of significant sites (Normanby AC) Identify and record rock art and other cultural heritage sites sites on Normanby Station. Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation Pty Ltd. $95,000
Burial Site Restoration Works at Mutton Hole Wetlands Protect exposed burial sites by restoring the landscape with earthworks and revegetation, increasing the landscape's resilience to future flooding events by protecting key areas with rocks, backfilling and planting native, locally occurring species (Normanton). Bynoe Community Advancement Co-operative Society Ltd. $86,900
Restoration of burial sites and stone fish trap on Bentinck Island Indigenous rangers will work with local elders to restore seven exposed burial sites and a fish trap on Bentinck Island. Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation $99,100
Kuuku I’yu Northern Kaanju Ngaachi Cultural Heritage Project III The purpose of this project is to further the cultural heritage management aspirations of the core Traditional Owner Custodians for the Kuuku I'yu Northern Kaanju Ngaachi (KINKN) by implementing actions outlined in the KINKN Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) developed under our (2010-11) IHP-funded project. Chuulangun Aboriginal Corporation $79,700
Recognising and Recording K’Gari’s (Fraser Island) Cultural Heritage Values The aim of the project is to up-skill key Butchulla community members to be able to recognise and assess cultural heritage resources on K'Gari (Fraser Island). The project will also lead to improved management of cultural heritage sites, in conjunction with land managers Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS), and improved interpretation of cultural heritage sites (and future Indigenous eco-tourism opportunities). Fauna & Flora International Australia $92,488
Conservation and Interpretation of Alnith Cultural Heritage Places and Values , Weipa This project will implement high priority recommendations for conservation and identification works at four significant locations. Flinders University of South Australia $99,800
Dyungungoo Caring for Country Project 2012 The project aims to undertake conservation works to the Eastern and Southern boundaries of Diamond Valley in order to prevent cattle accessing burial sites. The project also involves a cultural and archaeological survey. Gubbi Gubbi Dyungungoo Inc. $97,510
EKY - Cultural Heritage Management Framework (CHMF). Jabalbina is seeking funding under IHP to develop an Eastern Kuku Yalanji Cultural Heritage Management Framework (CHMF) for the management of cultural heritage data across Eastern Kuku Yalanji country. Jabalbina Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC $100,000
Which Way Rainforest Bama Culture? Interpret proposed World Heritage cultural values at a local level. Jabalina Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC $249,750
Strengthening southern Kaantju culture The project will survey,map significant site, fence areas under threat, produce a book and implement a cultural class. Kalan Enterprises Aboriginal Corporation $82,600
Myora Springs Cultural heritage Restoration and Protection Tthis project will install a viewing platform and boardwalk to control visitor access and erosion to ensure that Indigenous heritage values at Myora Springs are not degraded beyond that of the present situation. SEQ Catchments Ltd. $96,800
Laura Rangers Cultural Heritage survey of the Douglas Track on the East Quinkan Reserve Cape York Peninsula The project will employ up to 5 Laura Rangers and Traditional Owners, trained and skilled in rock art custodianship, to protect the values of cultural heritage sites from a proposed walking trail along the Douglas track. South Cape York Catchments Inc. $100,000
Wik Alkan Cultural Heritage Protection The project purpose is to carryout a systematic cultural heritage survey of Wik Alkan homelands, western Cape York Peninsula far North Queensland. Wik Projects Ltd. $99,420
South Australia
Women's Tjukurpa Mapping The project will identify, record and map Wonen's Tjukurpa (dreaming) stories of high cultural heritage value for the Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people who reside in the Western half of the APY Lands. Anangu Pitjantjatjara Inc. $99,970
Men's Tjukurpa Mapping The project will identify, record and map Men's Tjukurpa (dreaming) stories of high cultural heritage value for the Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people who reside in the Western half of the APY Lands. Anangu Pitjantjatjara Inc. $99,970
Mudlangga to Yertabulti - An Aboriginal Trail of the Lefevre Peninsula The IHP funding will be used to establish an interpretive trail which will convey Kaurna history and heritage to the community and visitors in an accessible manner. City of Port Adelaide Enfield $99,200
Ngadjuri Heritage Project Jamestown / Gladstone This project will conduct fileld surveys to record Ngadjuri significant sites in the Jamestown, Rocky Gully, Gladstone and Boylee regions of SA. Ngadjuri Elders Heritage & Land Care Council Inc. $95,000
Coorong National Park This project aims to identify, conserve and provide management planning for numerous significant burial places located along the Younghusband Peninsula within the Coorong National Park. Ngarrindjeri Regional Authority Inc. $67,900
Irish Well Hut This project will conserve a old mission building and adapt it to re-use for overnight tourist accommodation. Nipapanha Community Inc. $82,300
Wabma Kadarbu and Lake Eyre South Cultural Heritage Management Plan This project will develop a cultural heritage management plan for Wabma Kadarbu Conservation Park and the southern areas of Lake Eyre National Park under the direction of Traditional Owners, represented by the Arabana Aboriginal Corporation. South Australian Native Title Services Ltd. $98,700
Reconciliation through Place To consult with Indigenous groups and persons to enhance the interpretation and appreciation of Indigenous Heritage at three National Trust (Vic) sites. This is a pilot project that would be rolled out to all National Trust (Vic) sites if successful. National Trust of Australia (Victoria) $49,392
Baraparapa cultural heritage mapping of Lower Gunbower Forest To comprehensively survey selected sites within the Gunbower Forest. North Central Catchment Managment Authority $90,000
Research and conservation of cultural sites in the Mornington Peninsula and Point Nepean National Parks Research and conservation of cultural sites in the Mornington Peninsula and Point Nepean National Parks. Parks Victoria $87,450
Point Ritchie Aboriginal Shell Middens - One Fencing, signage and a specialist workshop. Warrnambool City Council $100,000
Point Ritchie Aboriginal Shell Middens - Two The Council is seeking funding based on interim findings resulting from their development of a CMP for the site. Works include 3D laser, visitor feasibility, Aboriginal identification. Warrnambool City Council $100,000
Western Australia
Implementation of the Kuju Wangka Management Strategy - Wiluna and Birriliburu Implement a signage and interpretation strategy aimed at conserving, protecting and sharing stories about important cultural heritage places within the Wiluna and Birriliburu sections of the Canning Stock Route. Central Desert Native Title Services Ltd. $98,025
Kalgan Hall Menang Cultural Complex Investigation & Management Plan The project will research the history of the Kalgan Hall/Menang complex, undertake archaeological investigations and develop a conservation management plan in consultation with the traditional owners. Creative Albany (Inc.) $50,300
Lalai put Stones in Saltwater Country [stage2] Visit and record important stone arrangements in the saltwater country of the Wanjina Wungurr people. Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation $100,000
Heritage Access Project Develop road access into three major sites of significance recently located during survey expedition by helicopter. Ilkurlka Aboriginal Corporation $35,050
Northern Spinifex Heritage Project The NSHP seeks to locate, visit, document and when possible develop access into sites of significance within the northern portion of the Spinifex Native Title Determination Area Ilkurlka Aboriginal Corporation $44,350
Kalyuku Ninti - Helicopter Waterhole Mapping The project will comprehensively map and document waterholes and other significant sites along cultural routes in the northern part of Martu country (Kulyakartu) and in the Gibson Desert (Rirra country). Kalyu Ninti- Puntuku Ngurra Ltd. $85,525
Bardi-Jawi Keeping Place To build a Keeping Place at One Arm Point for storing items belonging to the Western Law Tradition of the Kimberley. Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre Aboriginal Corporation $30,000
KFA Rock Art recording Program KFA's Rock Art Recording program involves recording and documenting rock art sites, information about country and maintaining cultural places. Kimberley Foundation Australia Ltd. $70,000
Kimberley Cultural Heritage Database Phase 2 The project aims to establish, implement, and refine a cultural heritage database to record and share Kimberley Traditional Owner's country and heritage stories. Kimberley Land Council Aboriginal Corporation $95,100
Goldfields Indigenous Heritage Program application This project will enable Mantjintjarra & Ngalia traditional owners to document sites of significance and record elders' cultural knowledge of heritage places in remote desert areas, east of Leonora in WA. National Trust of Australia (WA) $85,875
Conserving the Minyma Kutjarra, Nyiinyii and Nganurti Dreaming Tracks in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands The project will record and conserve the tjukurrpa (dreaming) track of the Minyma Kutjarra (two women) and Nyiinyii (zebra finch) that traverse the eastern area of the Ngaanyatjarra Lands on a north south axis. Ngaanyatjarra Council Aboriginal Corporation $100,000
Conserving the Tingarri / Kanaputa Dreaming Track Traditional Owners will follow and document the tjukurrpa (dreaming) track of the Tingarri/ Kanaputa Tjina. Ngaanyatjarra Council Aboriginal Corporation $100,000
Spinifex Heritage Project This project will undertake bush trips to sites of significance within the Spinifex Native Title Determination Area to map and record the sites for inclusion in the Spinifex database and to train young people. Pila Nguru Aboriginal Corporation $47,250
Weld Range Web of Knowledge: recording Wajarri Places of
Critical Cultural Significance
This project will raise awareness of the outstanding heritage values of the Weld Range and facilitate the conservation of these important places for future generations alongside sustainable exploitation of the area’s natural resources. University of Western Australia $229,800
Pilbara Rivers Cultural Heritage Mapping Project The Project will map a seldom recorded area of the upper Fortescue River, which will become a navigational tool for mapping the country from a cultural heritage perspective; an interface to link sites of significance, stories, film and audio recordings about places to their locations, with GPS coordinates. Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Coporation $98,880

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