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Indigenous Protected Areas Newsletter - Issue 3

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A message from Greg Hunt

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment and Heritage

I am pleased to be able to send a short message acknowledging all the hard work and positive outcomes from the IPA program over the last year.

I was lucky enough to attend the Anindilyakwa IPA declaration celebrations in June this year - I would like to thank the Land Council for inviting me to attend this special day. It was great to see so many people get together and celebrate a new chapter in the Island 's long history. I especially appreciated the traditional dances which I understand are not usually shown to visitors.

One of the things I'm sure of is that communities such as Anindilyakwa have thought long and hard about how they can protect their country and culture while creating sustainable jobs on their lands for their children and grandchildren.

I believe that the Indigenous Protected Areas program helps communities to break the long cycle of Aboriginal disadvantage by delivering worthwhile jobs, new technical and management skills, confidence and self esteem. The positive benefits for the wellbeing of communities who are doing land and sea management are obvious.

I am committed to working to support young people in Indigenous communities to become more involved in land management activities and I am working with my colleagues in Government to develop initiatives in this area.

I wish you every success with your efforts.

Signature of Greg Hunt

Greg Hunt
Parliamentary Secretary
to the Minister for the
Environment and Heritage

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