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Visiting Indigenous Protected Areas

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Indigenous Protected Areas welcome visitors who respect the environment, heritage and customs of the country's traditional owners.

Indigenous people have been using their knowledge for thousands of years to care for country. Through Indigenous Protected Areas they continue to care for some of our country's most remote and fragile environments.

The Australian Government asks all tourists to respect the cultural traditions and the environment of each Indigenous Protected Area.

Most Indigenous Protected Areas require tourists to apply for permits to travel through their country. Some have developed interpretive signs and other materials to help tourists understand their connection to country.

In some cases you may not know that you are travelling through an Indigenous Protected Area. It is a mark of respect to find out whose country you are travelling through prior to your journey. If this is not possible, then the following guidelines should always apply when travelling through an Indigenous Protected Area.

Respecting people's privacy

Respecting restrictions

Talking to Indigenous people

Taking photographs and filming

Taking home a memento

For more information on respecting Indigenous culture while travelling in Australia, download the Indigenous Tourism Australia brochure.