Indigenous Communities

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Indigenous Protected Area - video


This video displays how Indigenous Australians are taking pride in their cultural heritage by embracing tourism and sharing their knowledge and beliefs with others.


Indigenous Protected Areas - Tourism from Parks Australia on Vimeo.



Indigenous Protected Areas cover some of Australia's most striking landscapes.

Many IPAs are developing tourism so they can share their country and culture with visitors.

Ida Mamarika, Anindilyakwa IPA:
I will introduce you to this country. This country belongs to the Munuamundi Tribe, so I do take people here to the outside. I tell stories a bit about the country and bit about the water that we crossed today 'cause it's got stories in it.

Tony Wurramumba, Anindilyakwa IPA:
Now tourism was the last thing on our mind. But it sort of came to be that we convinced our people, especially our Leaders and the Elders and that's why we got this resort up and running.

Stacy, Dugong Beach Resort:
I'm the Receptionist at the Dugong Ridge Resort. I thought it was a good opportunity to get into the tourism industry and maybe do something for the Indigenous people here. The fact that the Indigenous community owns this makes me feel really good.

Matt Butt, Tyrendarra IPA:
We're also developing the Tyrendarra Indigenous Protected area for tourism activities. In the last two years we've completed our walking track, done signage. We've constructed board walks. We also hold a lot of educational programmes here for local schools.

Lindsay Saunders, Tyrendarra IPA:
"Well this is the remains of one of these huts. Now that hut there is built on the remains of a hut that was built hundreds, maybe thousands of years ago. There was 56 family groups. After European settlement there were only six of us left – six different clans. That's a lot of people that have came and gone, isn't it."

Yeah, I think it's good, 'cause we learn about our history and how it's all around us.

Matt Butt, Tyrendarra IPA:
Education and also tourism is becoming a very important part of things that happen at the IPA here at Tyrendarra.