Working on Country

Northern Ranger Coordinator Workshop 2012

Working on Country

Over 90 Indigenous land and sea ranger coordinators and program support staff from ranger groups from across the Northern Territory, Queensland, APY Lands and Western Australia participated in the first Northern Ranger Coordinator Workshop in Darwin on 7 and 8 June 2012.

The workshop, funded under the Working on Country program, provided opportunities for ranger coordinators to share experiences, ideas and build networks - a need that was identified in the Caring for Our Country Review. The workshop agenda was developed in consultation with coordinators and addressed key issues including new workplace health and safety responsibilities, promoting Indigenous leadership, maintaining a work/life balance, mentoring opportunities, coordinator relief systems, and sharing strategies to address day to day management issues.

Workshop participant - Thomas King  Workshop participants - Cynthia Coyne and Georgia Vallance  workshop participan - Nikki Cowcher

Workshop participants: Thomas King, Cynthia Coyne and
Georgia Vallance, and Nikki Cowcher

With a collective 402 years experience of working with Indigenous rangers in the room, discussions were rich and lead to insightful knowledge sharing and recommendations.

Feedback about the event has been positive with ranger group coordinators benefiting from the chance to network with others in the same situation. Enthusiastic comments include: "the most valuable (aspect) was discussing similar issues and learning from peers" and calls for future events: "Can't wait for the next one! Bring it on."

Workshop outcomes report

Workshop discussion group  Kimberley Ranger Mentoring presentation  Conflict Resolution workshop

Workshop discussion group, Kimberley Ranger Mentoring presentation and Conflict Resolution workshop