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Department of the Premier and Cabinet (SA), Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division

Register of Cultural Heritage Management Training Providers

Contact details: Heidi Crow
Phone: 08 8226 8917
Registered Training Organisation: No
Training provided in: South Australia

Training provided

Non-accredited training delivered
  • Principles of cultural heritage management (Burra Charter basics)
  • Legislation
  • Management planning - process & key steps
  • Developing conservation and management strategies
  • Site recording and documentation
  • Mapping skills and techniques
  • Identifying management issues
  • Identifying and recording evidence of threats and deterioration
  • Identifying and describing cultural materials
  • Using databases to manage cultural information


Departmental staff delivering training are non-Indigenous, and experienced in delivering training to Indigenous people.


Ms Crow has the following relevant qualifications and experience:

Other departmental staff, including GIS professionals, participate on an as-needed basis.

Training experience

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division (DPC-AARD) administers the South Australian Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988. It has delivered 28 site recording workshops and seminars to Aboriginal communities in South Australia, and industry and other government agencies since 2006.

The workshops are designed as an introduction and a practical grounding to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988, risk management, site recognition, basic archaeological site recording, mapping and site conservation planning. Participants undertake exercises and record sites, but are not assessed.

Workshops are delivered to Aboriginal communities on country on request. The intended audience is Aboriginal people wanting to know more about the operations of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 and how to record their sites. These workshops are usually run over two or three days, and include in-class discussion, presentations and fieldwork. Shorter workshops and seminars are delivered to industry and government agencies to assist in understanding the relevance of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 to their operations, and offer some basic site recognition skills for identifying archaeological sites.

Heidi Crow was instrumental in the development of the workshops, and has had continuous involvement with them. Ms Crow has extensive experience in working with Aboriginal people, both in the workshops and in wider work roles.

Recent experience

DPC-AARD staff have delivered cultural heritage management training to Aboriginal people and other government agencies within the last 12 months (valid at June 2013).

PLEASE NOTE: The Register of Cultural Heritage Management Training Providers is provided for information only. The Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities does not endorse or recommend any listed training provider on the Register or warrant that any providers are suitable or appropriately qualified. Organisations should conduct their own procurement processes before choosing or engaging a trainer. Information on the Register is as provided by the listed training providers.

Please contact us if you wish to be included on the register, or if you or your organisation is included on the Register and you would like to update any details. Email: WorkingOnCountry@