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Significance Heritage & Archaeology and Mulong Productions

Register of Cultural Heritage Management Training Providers

Contact details: Oliver Sumner-Potts
Mobile: 0421 155 732
Registered Training Organisation: No
Training provided in: Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland and Torres Strait, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia

Training provided

Non-accredited training delivered
  • Principles of cultural heritage management (Burra Charter basics)
  • Legislation
  • Management planning - process & key steps
  • Developing conservation and management strategies
  • Site recording and documentation
  • Recording oral history
  • Mapping skills and techniques
  • Caring for cultural heritage objects and remains
  • Setting up consultations about heritage with appropriate stakeholders
  • Assessing significance
  • Identifying management issues
  • Identifying and recording evidence of threats and deterioration
  • Identifying and describing cultural materials
  • Monitoring cultural places
  • Using databases to manage cultural information
  • Utilising traditional practices for land and cultural heritage management.
  • Utilising Video and Audio recordings for cultural heritage management.


Significance Heritage & Archaeology and Mulong Productions delivers training through a partnership between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, and trainers are experienced in delivering training to Indigenous people.


The team's relevant qualifications and experience:

Training experience

Significance Heritage & Archaeology and Mulong Productions have over 15 years of combined experience in the development and delivery of cultural heritage management training and cultural recording experience.

A number of recent projects have been delivered, including land management workshops that included traditional fire management, GPS and cultural heritage identification and management. Previously, training has been delivered to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants in the procedural requirements of cultural heritage management, including the identification, recording and management of finds and legislative requirements in order to manage finds appropriately.

Various mediums have been utilised in order to gain the best outcomes in regards to cultural heritage management, such as the use of video and audio recordings to gather and archive cultural heritage data, film production, interactive DVD's, and websites to present data gathered through cultural heritage recordings.

Although the training is not currently accredited, Significance Heritage & Archaeology and Mulong Productions have access to registered trainers and assessors who can provide the appropriate accreditation to participants upon request.

Recent experience

Significance Heritage & Archaeology and Mulong Productions have delivered cultural heritage management training to an Indigenous group within the last 12 months (valid at June 2013).

PLEASE NOTE: The Register of Cultural Heritage Management Training Providers is provided for information only. The Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities does not endorse or recommend any listed training provider on the Register or warrant that any providers are suitable or appropriately qualified. Organisations should conduct their own procurement processes before choosing or engaging a trainer. Information on the Register is as provided by the listed training providers.

Please contact us if you wish to be included on the register, or if you or your organisation is included on the Register and you would like to update any details. Email: WorkingOnCountry@