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Thomson Cultural Heritage Management

Register of Cultural Heritage Management Training Providers

Contact details: Jo Thomson
Phone: 08 9185 3580
Registered Training Organisation: No
Training provided in: Western Australia

Training provided

Non-accredited training delivered
  • Principles of cultural heritage management (Burra Charter basics)
  • Legislation
  • Management planning - process & key steps
  • Developing conservation and management strategies
  • Site recording and documentation
  • Mapping skills and techniques
  • Caring for cultural heritage objects and remains
  • Setting up consultations about heritage with appropriate stakeholders
  • Assessing significance
  • Identifying management issues
  • Identifying and recording evidence of threats and deterioration
  • Identifying and describing cultural materials
  • Monitoring cultural places
  • Rock art conservation
  • Using databases to manage cultural information


Ms Thomson is non-Indigenous, and experienced in delivering training to Indigenous people.


Ms Thomson's relevant qualifications and experience:

Jo has dual expertise in Indigenous archaeology and cultural heritage management, particularly in mining and development contexts. Her archaeological experience includes conducting archaeological surveys, site recording, assessment and salvage for numerous exploration and evaluation drilling programs, mine developments, pastoral infrastructure, railway lines, utilities infrastructure, housing developments, waterways maintenance and marina developments, within the Pilbara, Wheatbelt, South West, Central West/Goldfields and Perth metropolitan regions of Western Australia.

Jo's cultural heritage management experience includes remote area logistics, project management, design and implementation of cultural heritage management systems including geographical information systems (GIS), cultural heritage management plans (CHMPs), consultation and collaboration with Indigenous communities, preparation of applications for consent to disturb, development and implementation of heritage auditing programs, and design and delivery of training courses and inductions for Indigenous communities and proponents. Jo also has additional experience in World Heritage gained through an internship with the Asia Pacific unit of UNESCO's World Heritage Centre in Paris in 2009.

Training experience

Jo has over 14 years experience in Indigenous cultural heritage management and archaeology. She has worked closely with Indigenous communities and has designed training plans, training materials, assessment plans and tools, and other associated training materials for Rio Tinto Iron Ore's 'Training Short Course for Archaeological Assistants', which is an accredited module under Certificate II in metalliferous mining (open cut). This course was specifically designed for Indigenous people to gain further experience and qualifications in archaeology and cultural heritage management. Jo has also delivered several components of this course to Indigenous communities in the Pilbara and Queensland. In addition to the development and delivery of formal Australian Skills Quality Authority training, Jo has also designed and delivered non-accredited training courses on archaeology and cultural heritage to a wide range of audiences including Indigenous communities, proponents and the public. In 2013, Jo undertook archaeological and cultural heritage management training courses in the greater Perth metropolitan and Gascoyne regions.

Recent experience

Ms Thomson has delivered cultural heritage management training to an Indigenous group within the last 12 months (valid at June 2013).

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