Green Army Projects

The Green Army is a hands-on, practical environmental action programme that supports local environment and heritage conservation projects across Australia.

Round 3

Applications are now open for Round 3 of the Green Army Programme.

Community organisations, environment groups, Indigenous organisations, local councils and others are encouraged to apply for projects in their region.

Key dates

Applications open 12 February 2015
Applications close 2 pm AEDT (Canberra time) 17 March 2015

What projects are eligible?

Projects must have a clear environment or heritage conservation focus and offer participants valuable practical experience, while supporting a safe work environment. Projects will be guided by local community needs and contribute to Australia’s national and international environmental priorities and obligations. A full list of eligible activities is provided in the Green Army Round 3 Project Guidelines.

To be eligible for this round, one project must be ready to commence between 1 June 2015 and 30 June 2016.

Applicants who were unsuccessful through previous rounds may re-apply under this round.

While it is encouraged that potential applicants discuss their project ideas with one or more of the appointed Service Providers, applicants are welcome to apply even if they are not working with or consulting a Service Provider.

What’s involved?

Following the assessment and approval of projects, successful project applicants become Project Sponsors. Project Sponsors work with an appointed Service Provider to deliver the project. Projects must be between 20-26 weeks and may involve activities such as restoring and protecting habitat, weeding, planting or cleaning up creeks and rivers. A full list of eligible activities is provided in the Guidelines.

Each project will receive a team of up to nine Green Army participants, a team supervisor and approved project specific materials, such as seedlings, herbicide, mulch, matting and tree guards, in addition to the basic materials required to deliver a project. Cash funding will not be provided.

Who covers the costs of the project?

The Green Army Programme will cover costs associated with the team, such as participant allowances; supervisor wages; uniforms; safety gear and basic equipment such as hand tools; participant training; local transport costs; and insurances. Support may also be available for project specific materials such as seedlings, possible chemicals and equipment. Project Sponsors will be required to cover any other costs to support the successful delivery of the project.

Submitting an application

Step 1: Read the Guidelines

There are some differences between the Round 3 guidelines and the Round 2 guidelines that were released in October 2014, please refer to this document for the Round 3 changes.

Round 3 guidelines fact sheet (PDF - 117.04 KB)
Round 3 guidelines fact sheet (DOCX - 49.68 KB)

Step 2: Complete the online application form

Complete the online application form (accessed using the link below) addressing each of the selection criteria in the relevant fields. Please note a separate form must be downloaded for each application. If you do not have access to the Internet, you can request a hard copy application form by calling the Green Army hotline on 1800 780 730.

Round Three 2015-16 Application Form

Step 3: Submit your application

Submit your application by the closing date and ensure you keep a copy for your records. Additional information provided by the applicant but not requested in the application form will not be assessed.

Project Agreement template

If your application is successful, you will be required to enter into a Project Agreement with your allocated Service Provider. Your Project Agreement will set out your and your Service Provider’s roles and responsibilities in delivering your project.

Green Army Programme Project Agreement (PDF - 480.99 KB)
Green Army Programme Project Agreement (DOCX - 117.6 KB)

Please note that this document is a template agreement only and your Service Provider’s agreement may differ slightly. If you are working with a Service Provider to develop your application and have questions about the Project Agreement they use, you should speak to them directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the Frequently Asked Questions for more information on Green Army projects.

Mapping tool instructions

Read the mapping tool instructions for an explanation on how to draw polygon areas for a project using Google Maps and to determine the latitude and longitude of your general project location.

Polygon Mapping Tool Instructions (PDF - 1.33 MB)
Polygon Mapping Tool Instructions (DOCX - 2.25 MB)

Approved projects

Round 2

The Australian Government sought Round 2 applications from community organisations for potential Green Army projects in October 2014.

The second round of Green Army projects are now ready to start in urban, regional and remote areas across Australia.

Round 2 approved projects (PDF - 1.18 MB)
Round 2 approved projects (DOCX - 182.76 KB)

Round 1

The Australian Government sought Round 1 applications from community organisations for potential Green Army projects in April 2014.

The first round of Green Army projects are underway.

Round 1 approved projects (PDF - 241.29 KB)
Round 1 approved projects (DOCX - 155.63 KB)

Future projects

There will be future opportunities for eligible natural resource management, Indigenous and other community groups to get involved with the Green Army. Monitor this webpage for future announcements and project rounds.

General enquiries and project queries

Call the Green Army hotline on 1800 780 730