National Reserve System

Paroo Darling National Park, New South Wales

The National Reserve System is Australia's network of protected areas, conserving examples of our natural landscapes and native plants and animals for future generations. Based on a scientific framework, it is the nation's natural safety net against our biggest environmental challenges.

The reserve system includes more than 10,000 protected areas covering 17.88 per cent of the country - over 137 million hectares. It is made up of Commonwealth, state and territory reserves, Indigenous lands and protected areas run by non-profit conservation organisations, through to ecosystems protected by farmers on their private working properties.

About the National Reserve System

About the National Reserve System

The National Reserve System is underpinned by a scientific framework.

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Getting involved

Funding and getting involved

The National Reserve System is one of the world's great conservation partnerships. Under Caring for our Country, the Australian Government committed $180 million to build the National Reserve System over the five years to 2013.

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