CAPAD 2012

CAPAD (Collaborative Australian Protected Area Database) contains information on all protected areas in Australia, including their IUCN management categories.

The current version of CAPAD is CAPAD 2014. The data below has been superceded, but is still available for historic purposes.

During early-2013 state and territory nature conservation agencies provided information on their terrestrial and marine protected areas. This information was compiled into CAPAD 2012.

CAPAD 2012 figures include interim protected areas. These are land parcels purchased or identified to become protected areas with binding agreements. Most are properties purchased through the National Reserve System Program which have an agreement to establish a protected area and are now in the process of getting formal recognition as a protected area.

GIS data is available via the Discover Information Geographically (DIG) website and access to the data is via the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) licence model. The information is available in ArcGIS format. Terrestrial data is available from the Collaborative Australian Protected Areas Database (CAPAD) 2012 and Marine data is available from the Collaborative Australian Protected Areas Database (CAPAD) 2012- Marine.

Terrestrial protected area data

Download CAPAD 2012 data for the following areas:

Marine protected area data

Download CAPAD 2012 data for the following marine areas: