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  • Australian Vegetation Attribute Manual, Version 6.0
    A guide to the capture, interpretation and management of existing and new vegetation information into a Relational Database Management System. Sections One and Two provide a useful overview of the NVIS Framework.
  • NVIS Taxonomic Review
    Report of the independent taxonomic review of the NVIS database (Stage 1, Version 2.0) by the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research, 2004.
  • Assessment of Australia's Terrestrial Biodiversity 2008
    Report prepared by the Biodiversity Assessment Working Group of the National Land and Water Resources Audit
  • Australian Native Vegetation Assessment 2002
    Report of the National Land and Water Resources Audit. Details the advances made by the Audit and partners to implement a vegetation information system and its use in reporting on the status of Australia’s vegetation.

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Australian Collaborative Rangeland Information System (ACRIS)

Rangelands 2008: taking the pulse

Rangelands 2008 - supporting reports

Rangelands 2008 - updated information

State and territory reports for each pilot region

Note: An unofficial report has been completed for the Desert Uplands region in Queensland. For a copy of this report please contact Robert Kaufs.

Managing for biodiversity in the rangelands summary reports

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