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  1. A review of the operation of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (the 'EPBC Act') will be carried out in accordance with section 522A of the Act.
  2. In particular the review will examine:
    1. the operation of the EPBC Act generally;
    2. the extent to which the objects of the EPBC Act have been achieved;
    3. the appropriateness of current matters of National Environmental Significance; and
    4. the effectiveness of the biodiversity and wildlife conservation arrangements.
  3. The review will be guided by key Australian Government policy objectives:
    1. to promote the sustainability of Australia's economic development to enhance individual and community well-being while protecting biological diversity and maintaining essential ecological processes and systems;
    2. to work in partnership with the states and territories within an effective federal arrangement;
    3. to facilitate delivery of Australia's international obligations;
    4. the Australian Government's deregulation agenda to reduce and simplify the regulatory burden on people, businesses and organisations, while maintaining appropriate and efficient environmental standards; and
    5. to ensure activities under the Act represent the most appropriate, efficient and effective ways of achieving the Government's outcomes and objectives in accordance with the Expenditure Review Principles.
  4. The review will seek input from state and territory governments, members of the community and industry.
  5. The review will be commenced as soon as possible and completed by 31 October 2009.

Senate inquiry into the operation of the EPBC Act

The independent review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 considered the findings and recommendations of the Senate Standing Committee on the Environment, Communication and the Art's inquiry into the operation of the EPBC Act.

Minister Garrett wrote to Dr Hawke requesting him to consider the committee's report, including its findings and recommendations, in undertaking his independent review of the EPBC Act.

Copies of the committee's first and second reports are available on the committee's website.