Western Australian managed fisheries

The implementation of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) allows the Australian Government to assess the environmental performance of fisheries and promote ecologically sustainable management.

An independent assessment of all export and all Australian Government managed fisheries is required. These assessments ensure that, over time, fisheries are managed in an ecologically sustainable way.

Fishery assessments under the EPBC Act

Western Australian managed fisheries
Fishery assessments Fishery export
approval expires
Abalone Fishery 12/09/2019
Abrolhos Island and Mid West Trawl Managed Fishery 15/03/2018
Beche-de-mer Fishery 27/08/2015
Broome Prawn Managed Fishery 20/08/2015
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Marine Aquarium Fish Fishery 15/09/2016
Exmouth Gulf Prawn Fishery 08/02/2018
Gascoyne Demersal Scalefish (Shark Bay Snapper) Fishery 04/12/2015
Kimberley Prawn Managed Fishery 20/08/2015
Mackerel Fishery 13/11/2015
Marine Aquarium Fish Fishery 20/10/2016
Northern Demersal Scalefish Managed Fishery 18/09/2015
Northern Developmental Blue Swimmer Crab Fishery Expired
Octopus Fisheries 16/03/2016
Onslow and Nickol Bay Prawn Managed Fisheries 20/08/2015
Pearl Oyster Fishery 13/12/2018
Pilbara Trap Fishery Expired
Pilbara Trawl Fishery 18/05/2017
Salmon Managed Fisheries 13/11/2015
Shark Bay Crab Interim Managed Fishery 30/09/2016
Shark Bay Prawn Fishery 31/01/2018
Shark Bay Scallop Fishery 31/01/2018
South Coast Crustacean Fishery 13/11/2015
South Coast Trawl Fishery 06/05/2016
Specimen Shell Managed Fishery 20/11/2015
Temperate Shark 28/08/2015
Tropical Shark Expired
Trochus Fishery 17/08/2017
Tycraft Pty Ltd Giant Clams 31/07/2015
West Coast Rock Lobster Managed Fishery 28/05/2018
West Coast Purse Seine Managed Fishery and South Coast Purse Seine Managed Fishery Expired
Western Australian West Coast Deep Sea Crustacean Managed Fishery 03/05/2018