Four Mile Hole incident highlights Kakadu croc strategy

25 July 2006.

The recent report of a crocodile climbing onto a camper's tent at Kakadu's 4 Mile Hole camping ground is a timely warning to Top End campers to be alert to crocodile dangers and follow simple safety rules.

Following the incident, Kakadu National Park rangers have trapped and tagged a number of crocodiles in the area, aiming to discourage similar behaviours.

Territory crocodile expert, Kakadu crocodile manager Garry Linder, said "Immediately the Park became aware of the incident, we put into action our crocodile management strategy, which included interviewing those directly involved and other campers in the area.

"Within 24 hours of receiving the report we captured and tagged six crocodiles in the area, some of which matched the description of the offending crocodile."

Two vessels and several staff conducted a spotlight search of the popular fishing and camping area in Kakadu, which is mostly used by local fishermen.

"One of the animals had been captured in the billabong back in September 2003 and marked number 556," Gary Lindner said.

Crocodile numbers and behaviour are monitored continually at all camping areas near water in Kakadu National Park. This information, along with information provided by visitors and traditional owners, helps to build a picture of the biology and behaviour of crocodiles and develop further Kakadu's crocodile management strategy.

The 4 Mile Hole crocodile incident is a useful reminder that Kakadu is crocodile country and visitors anywhere near water bodies throughout the Top End should always be alert to possible crocodile activity, observe all signs and follow recommended behaviours.

Camp well away from the water's edge and report any unusual incidents involving crocodiles to Kakadu staff so that we can continue to provide the safest possible experience to visitors in the Park.

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