New groundwater purchase round in the Queensland Central Condamine Alluvium

Department of the Environment

Media release
24 March 2014

The Australian Government has announced the opening of a new round of Commonwealth groundwater purchases in the Queensland Central Condamine Alluvium.

This is the second tender for groundwater purchases in the area. A budget of up to $5 million has been allocated and groundwater entitlement holders will have until 11 April 2014 to make a sell offer.

Groundwater purchases in the Condamine Alluvium will recover water towards meeting the Government’s commitment to bridging the gap to meet the Sustainable Diversion Limits in the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

The Commonwealth’s buyback programme in the Central Condamine Alluvium is an important element in efforts to secure long term sustainability for groundwater irrigators in the region.

The need for a reduction in groundwater extractions for the Central Condamine Alluvium was included in the Basin Plan due to concern about declining groundwater levels.

Water purchasing for the environment will help protect the productive base of the groundwater resource for the long term benefit of irrigators and the local community.

The tender was developed in close consultation with Queensland Government officials and local stakeholders.

Further information including program guidelines and application forms will be made available on the Department’s website at or by calling the Water Information Line on 1800 218 478.