A new strategy for managing Australia's heritage

The Australian Government is keen to receive ideas and input from the public to help develop an Australian Heritage Strategy.

Federal environment department spokesperson Ms Alison Stone said the Australian Heritage Strategy gives Australians the opportunity to work together and create opportunities to manage and celebrate our unique heritage—now and for the future.

“The strategy will provide the chance to reenergise our interest in heritage and set the long term direction for the identification, management and celebration of Indigenous, historic and natural heritage,” Ms Stone said.

The Strategy also provides a way to coordinate the significant efforts of the community and the many groups who work tirelessly on heritage management with all with levels of government and the private sector.

The strategy is being developed with state and territory agencies and key stakeholder groups and has the support of the Heritage Chairs and Officials of Australian and New Zealand. The Australian Heritage Council is also providing expert advice to the department in developing the strategy.

“It is important that the Australian Heritage Strategy captures views held at a community level, as stories of where we come from and provides us with context about where we are going,” Ms Stone said.
“Community consultation is a critical step in the development of the strategy and comment is invited on how we can best recognise, manage and interpret our heritage.”

A public consultation paper outlining some of the key issues for heritage in Australia is available on the department’s website to help communities, individuals and governments frame their responses. 

For further information and details about how to make a submission visit the Australian Heritage Strategy page.

The public consultation process closes on 15 June 2012.