Organisational review - Kakadu National Park

10 September 2005.

I have today advertised in the national media calling for suitable consultants to carry out an organisational review for Kakadu National Park.

The review is required under the Department of the Environment and Heritage's Certified Agreement. It will ensure we have the best workforce structure and resource allocation to protect country and culture, and to continue improving our services to visitors.

The review will help us in our goal to have Kakadu globally recognised as one of the great World Heritage parks.

The review will examine current organisational arrangements (including staff roles and responsibilities, work unit outputs and reporting arrangements) in the context of the park's operational needs, the Plan of Management, park lease agreements and relevant legislation.

Any revised organisational structure will be accommodated within the overall park budget.

The Board of Management and Kakadu staff have been consulted on the terms of reference for this review. Traditional owners will be actively engaged in the review process. The Kakadu Board of Management will review and provide advice on its recommendations.

Organisational reviews have already been conducted at Booderee National Park, Norfolk Island National Park and the Darwin office of Parks Australia, resulting in improved efficiencies, better prioritisation of resources and better services.

Kakadu National Park is jointly managed by the traditional Aboriginal owners and the Director of National Parks through lease agreements with traditional owners. The Park covers 20,000 square kilometres, is World Heritage listed and has been home to Aboriginal people for more than 50,000 years.

Peter Cochrane
Director of National Parks

For further information please contact Margot Marshall on (02) 6274 2068.