Saltie removed from Twin Falls Gorge

23 August 2006.

Kakadu rangers have called on visitors to be alert for crocodiles this dry season, following the removal of a 2.6 metre female saltwater crocodile from the Twin Falls Gorge pool.

The crocodile was first seen on Monday by the Twin Falls boat shuttle crew, sunning itself on the banks.

Rangers removed the croc on Tuesday and translocated it to the Magela Creek.

"Visitors should remember that Kakadu is crocodile country and obey the crocodile warning signs," Kakadu's crocodile expert Garry Lindner said.

"It's not unknown for crocodiles to move this far upstream after we've cleared the area.

"After our prolonged wet season, water is still flowing in the Twin Falls creek, which means crocs – especially small ones – can move up and down stream hunting for food.

"Our crocodile management teams are continuing to monitor the creeks and pools, checking the baited traps and the buoys – but visitors should be aware that a crocodile can move in at any time."

This is the eleventh crocodile removed from the Twin Falls area this year.

"It was quite a small saltie and we judged that it could be moved humanely to an area outside the crocodile management zone, where it would have an excellent chance of survival," Garry Lindner said.

"On the advice of the traditional owners, we harpooned the croc and took it to its new home in the Magela."

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