Successful prosecution sounds warning to fishermen in Jervis Bay

17 October 2006

Two Sydney fishermen were each fined $500 and given a 12 months good behaviour bond in the Jervis Bay ACT Magistrates Court last Thursday.

The men had been caught twice in four months in the waters of Booderee National Park with hauls of squid (or Southern Calamari) in excess of legal bag limits.

Booderee Park Manager Scott Suridge said the successful prosecution served as a warning to all fishermen to obey Booderee's fishing regulations.

"The legal bag limit for squid in Booderee National Park waters is 10 squid per person per day." Mr Suridge said.

"The aim is to conserve all species which are important parts of the local food chain."

Mr Suridge said a range of protective measures had been in force since 2003, to protect Booderee's marine environment. They include:

  • A Special Purpose Zone – a total exclusion area on and around Bowen Island
  • A Sanctuary Zone – where no fishing is permitted
  • 'No Anchoring' zones – in waters less than 10 metres deep; and
  • Bag and size limits for all recreational fishing.

"To make these protective measures effective we need the support of all recreational fishermen to stay within the accepted bag and size limits for all species. We also need our visitors to make themselves familiar with the protected zones and to abide by them so that we can conserve the park's extensive seagrass beds and spectacular reefs, with their diverse range of marine species," Mr Suridge said.

"The vast majority of our visitors do the right thing, but despite our warnings and the information we have provided to them, a small minority continue to disobey these regulations.

"The regulations are enforced so that future generations will also be able to enjoy the beautiful, clean and productive environment that is Booderee National Park".

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Media contact: Scott Suridge, Park Manager, Booderee National Park, (02) 4442 2207