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The Hon Tony Burke MP

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One week until end of Murray Darling consultation

Media release
10 April 2012

With only seven days until the end of public consultation for the Murray Darling Basin Plan the Coalition must come clean on where they stand.

I have called on Tony Abbott to clarify his previous statements where he has said that he would not support a "bad plan" and would only support a "good plan".

It is clear that some members of his Coalition do not support water reform.

This year I will deliver to Parliament a Plan for the Murray Darling Basin. While there are many views on whether the numbers should be higher or lower I think most people can agree that we need a national plan for this river system.

For too long we have dealt with this river system as though it could be managed by state boundaries.

But years of over extraction have taken their toll.

The time has come for our political leaders to put this issue above party politics. We need to make sure that we approach the next drought with more resilience than the last.

Tony Abbott if your support is conditional, you can't keep those conditions secret.

The public has a right to know.