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Environment Minister Approves Shree Minerals Nelson Bay River Mine

Media release
18 December 2012

Environment Minister, Tony Burke, today approved Shree Mineral's Nelson Bay River Magnetite and Hematite Mine in north-west region of Tasmania with 29 strict conditions.

Mr Burke said the approval conditions will ensure the mine will be built and operated in strict accordance with national environment law.

"By imposing these 29 approval conditions I am satisfied the project can now go ahead without any unacceptable impacts on matters of national environment significance such as nationally listed threatened and migratory species and their habitat," Mr Burke said.

"In making my approval I am requiring Shree Minerals to comply with a number of key environmental conditions and actions.

"My decision is based on a thorough and rigorous assessment of the proposal, with extensive opportunity for public consultation."

Key aspects of the approval conditions include:

  • the development of a site-wide management plan for the protection of nationally threatened species at the mine site and for travel to and from the mine site.
  • the undertaking of targeted pre-clearance surveys for the nationally listed masked-owl, spot-tailed quoll, Tasmanian devil and Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle.
  • environmental awareness training for all staff, contractors and visitors to the site.

"In addition I am requiring Shree Minerals to take specific actions to mitigate and avoid the threat of road kill to nationally threatened species, especially the Tasmanian devil," Mr Burke said.

"I am requiring that mine vehicles travel only during daylight hours and abide by appropriate speed limits within and to and from the mine site and that they provide bus transport to limit the amount of traffic on nearby roads.

"I am also requiring that Shree Minerals report all deaths of nationally threatened species from road kill caused by the operation of the mine. This information will be recorded on their website and updated at least every three months.

"If reported road kill is in excess of predicted levels, the conditions require that Shree Minerals pay additional compensation or provide new resources for further environment programs to support threatened species in and near the site.

"I am also requiring Shree Minerals to fund and resource a Tasmanian Devil monitoring strategy on the mine site. The strategy will need to involve at least ten infrared monitoring cameras and be consistent with the work being done by Save the Tasmanian Devil Program."

Each year Shree Minerals is required to report on their compliance with the approval conditions and publish this information on their website.