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Government welcomes first Sustainable Australia Report

Media release
9 May 2013

Tony Burke, Minister for the Environment, today welcomed the first Sustainable Australia Report as a major contribution to the government’s efforts to achieve a sustainable Australia.

Mr Burke thanked the National Sustainability Council for its work in producing a comprehensive report that addresses issues of importance for all Australians.

“The Sustainable Australia Report is the first of its kind in Australia and provides the evidence base we need to focus on the wellbeing of our children and of future generations,” Mr Burke said.

“Sustainability is about more than just the economy. It is about the sort of society we want to live in and hand on, it is about our health, our education, our happiness and the environment we live in.

“This and the council’s subsequent reports will better inform policy makers, businesses and individual Australians about how we can together move towards a more sustainable future.

“I encourage Australians to join in the conversation begun by this report about how we achieve a sustainable Australia.”

The establishment of a National Sustainability Council and the sustainability indicators was an important step in the government’s efforts to achieve a sustainable Australia and the publication of council’s inaugural report is the next step in this process.

“If we are to adapt to change and build sustainable communities, we need to integrate environmental, social and economic factors to provide current and future generations with the opportunity to lead healthy and fulfilling lives,” Mr Burke said

"The council’s work on sustainability provides crucial information and analysis about how our economy, environment and society are faring and how they interact. It will be a valuable resource for better planning and decision making.”

The National Sustainability Council was established by the Australian Government in October 2012 to provide independent advice on sustainability issues to the government. The council’s remit includes reporting against the sustainability indicators every two years and highlighting key trends and emerging issues for policy and decision makers and communities in Australia.

More information on the National Sustainability Council, its report and the sustainability indicators is at