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Media Release
Senator the Hon Robert Hill
Leader of the Government in the Senate
Minister for the Environment and Heritage

13 April 2000

Bush for Greenhouse Open for Business

The Howard Government has partnered leading corporate and revegetation experts to broker investment in replanting Australia and reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Declaring the Bush for Greenhouse program 'open for business', Environment Minister Robert Hill today announced the appointment of a consortium of Ernst & Young, Greening Australia and Landcare Australia Limited as the carbon broker.

"The world-first Bush for Greenhouse program will increase Australia's capacity to store carbon in vegetation and help reduce greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. It is part of our comprehensive approach to tackling emissions from all sectors across Australia," Senator Hill said.

Ernst & Young, Greening Australia and Landcare Australia Limited will bring world leading skills in investment, corporate management and revegetation to establish a carbon pool which will replant Australia's unique biodiversity.

The carbon broker will be responsible for securing investment and managing the investment mechanism, channelling the funds into revegetation projects and managing the carbon pool.

The Bush for Greenhouse program will build on links between greenhouse action and delivering other positive environmental outcomes, such as salinity control, habitat conservation, protecting water and soil quality and catchment management.

"We have enormous challenges in front of us in Australia. Large areas need replanting to address dryland salinity problems and protect land and water resources," Senator Hill said.

"The carbon broker will play an exciting role in working with industry, government and farmers to tackle the problems.

"Investors can gain recognition for their contribution to addressing the greenhouse problem at the same time as protecting the Australian bush. Landholders will gain invaluable support for replanting.

"Government funding in this project totals nearly $3 million; corporate investment will be directed into tree planting," Senator Hill said.

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