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Media Release
Senator the Hon Robert Hill
Leader of the Government in the Senate
Minister for the Environment and Heritage

8 May 2001


Federal Environment Minister Robert Hill today announced Australia's first alert list for environmental weeds.

"The Alert List for Environmental Weeds is made up of 28 non-native weed species, which are identified as potentially damaging and are likely to be a significant threat to biodiversity," Senator Hill said.

The alert list complements the Weeds of National Significance list, which includes weeds that are already causing significant environmental damage.

"Weeds, if left to run wild, can destroy our native habitats and smother our native plants.

"Over the past year, the Federal Government has been working in partnership with consultants and other technical experts to identify potentially damaging weeds and compile the Alert List.

"The Federal Government will be consulting with the Cooperative Research Centre for Weed Management Systems (Weeds CRC), CSIRO, industry, and State Government on the best way of controlling Alert weeds.

"We are also trying to overcome a situation where some species of weeds that appear on the Alert list, are being publicly traded.

"Through working in partnership with Nursery and Garden Industry Australia Limited (NGIA), the Federal Government is keen to develop an appropriate strategy to address the trading of weeds.

"We are providing funding to the NGIA to help reduce the sale of environmental weeds in nurseries and garden centres.

"Through the Natural Heritage Trust, the Federal Government is funding on ground actions, which manage and control one or more of the Alert List weeds,' Senator Hill said.

The National Weeds Program is calling on community groups such as Landcare plus State Governments, local councils and individuals to apply for funding for projects which control or manage the listed weeds.

"I urge governments, industry and the community to apply for Alert List funding to support the long term protection of our native species and habitats," Senator Hill said.

The Federal Government is proud to have initiated the Alert List for Environmental Weeds through the National Weeds Program with funding from the Natural Heritage Trust.

The Alert List for Weeds can be found below. This list details the weeds under both their Scientific name and where known, their Common name.

Alert List for Weeds
Acacia catechu var. sundra cutch tree
Acacia karroo karroo thorn
Asystasia gangetica ssp. micrantha -
Barleria prionitis barleria
Bassia scoparia (weedy form) kochia
Calluna vulgaris -
Chromolaena odorata (weedy form) Siam weed
Cynoglossum creticum -
Cyperus teneristolon -
Cytisus multiflora white Spanish broom
Dittrichia viscosa -
Equisetum spp. horsetail
Gymnocoronis spilanthoides Senegal tea plant
Hieracium aurantiacum -
Koelreuteria elegans Chinese rain tree, flame gold, golden rain tree
Lachenalia reflexa lachenalia
Lagarosiphon major lagarosiphon
Nassella charruana -
Nassella hyalina -
Pelargonium alchemilloides -
Pereskia aculeata leaf cactus
Piptochaetium montevidense -
Praxelis clematidea -
Retama raetam white weeping broom
Senecio glastifolius -
Thunbergia laurifolia laurel clock vine
Tipuana tipu -
Trianoptiles solitaria -

Applications are to be submitted by Thursday 7 June 2001 to: Ms Dianna Weaver, Regional Wildlife Programs, Wildlife Australia, Environment Australia, GPO Box 787, Canberra ACT 2601. Please note: Facsimiles of applications will not be accepted. For further details, please see the advertisement in The Weekend Australian, 5-6 May 2001.

Copies of the Natural Heritage Trust Funding Form 2001-2002 are available at the web site:

8 May 2001
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