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Media Release
Minister for the Environment and Heritage
Dr David Kemp

11 December 2002

Why Doesn't Bob Carr Give NSW Motorists the Information they Want?

Labor's scare campaign on ethanol blended fuel is reprehensible for two main reasons:

  1. Although high blends of ethanol are available only in NSW, Labor's Bob McMullan has been trying to scare South Australian motorists. There is no ethanol in petrol made in South Australia. It is banned by state law.
  2. Although the Federal Government last year assumed responsibility for developing a National Fuel standard for ethanol blends, state governments have always had and retain the power to require adequate consumer labelling and information.
    While ethanol is banned in South Australia, it is promoted in Queensland as an eco-friendly renewable fuel source. Some Melbourne buses run on 100 percent ethanol fuel.
    Ethanol blends have been sold in NSW since 1994 - but the Carr government has never acted to advise NSW motorists of this, nor to require appropriate consumer labelling so that motorists can make informed choices about their fuel purchases.

The facts are these:

If Labor is concerned about NSW constituents who claim their cars have been damaged by ethanol blends, they should be sending the bill to Bob Carr, and asking him:

Bob Carr does not need a to wait for a national fuel standard. He can act right now to ensure that NSW motorists have the information they want. His Federal Labor colleagues should refrain from attempting to scare motorists is states where ethanol blends are not sold.

Media contact:
Catherine Job (02) 6277 7640 or 0408 648 400

Distribution of the Report

The report was sent to key stakeholders on 20 November.

Stakeholders include:

Australian Biofuels Association
Australian Institute of Petroleum (and BP)
Australian Automobile Association
Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (Ford and Holden)
Service Station Association
Australian Greenhouse Office
Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics,
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry Australian
Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources
Dept of Transport and Regional Services
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
NSW Environment Protection Agency
QLD Environment Protection Agency

Copies of the literature review based assessment on the impacts of a 20% ethanol gasoline fuel blend on the Australian vehicle fleet can be found at:

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