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Media Release
Federal Minister for the Environment and Heritage
The Hon Dr David Kemp, MP

17 September 2002

Beattie Blows the Whistle on the Crean's Kyoto Kant

Queensland's Labor Premier Peter Beattie has broken ranks with his Federal colleagues and effectively endorsed the Howard Government's decision not to ratify the Kyoto Protocol at this time.

While Simon Crean leads his ALP colleagues in the Kyoto conga-line - all kant; no critical thinking - Peter Beattie has acknowledged that the Protocol in its present form will damage Australia.

Reporter: That's what John Howard is arguing as well.

Premier Beattie: Yeah, yeah sure. Well, it's true. I mean, I'm just telling what the truth is.

The truth that Premier Beattie acknowledged is that ratification of the Kyoto Protocol will drive Australian jobs and investment overseas.

Responding to NSW Premier, Bob Carr's calls for immediate ratification, Premier Beattie explained that this would damage Queensland and most other states in Australia.

Premier Beattie: There's only one state in Australia that would be advantaged economically by the Kyoto Protocols and that's New South Wales.
I understand Bob's position but he is the only Australian Premier that wins from it, and that's fine. If I was in that position I'd be out there grandstanding as well.

Simon Crean refuses to do the hard policy work required to genuinely tackle the global greenhouse problem in the most effective and efficient way. Instead, he has chosen to simply barrack for the Kyoto team, even if it means exporting Queensland and Western Australian jobs, industries and investment.

The Howard Government is committed, not only to working to meet our Kyoto target, but to do so in a way that will protect Australian jobs and investment.

Simon Crean is promising no more real action on greenhouse than the Howard Government is already on track to deliver - that is, to meet our Kyoto target of 108 percent of 1990 emissions by the end of the decade.

Unlike Simon Crean, the Howard Government is committed to delivering this, and more. The Howard Government is already looking beyond Kyoto - which will only deliver a negligible 1 per cent abatement, when the world needs to achieve 60 per cent by the end of the century.

While Simon Crean pretends that rubber stamping a flawed Protocol will take care of the problem, the Howard Government is already beginning to frame a greenhouse policy that will take Australia beyond 2010 and into the decades beyond, a policy that will achieve real global greenhouse action while protecting Australian jobs and investment.

Media Contact:
Catherine Job 02 6277 7640 or 0408 648 400

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