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Media Release
Federal Minister for the Environment and Heritage
The Hon Dr David Kemp, MP

18 April 2002

Psst! Hey Comrades, Don't Tell Kelvin!

Labor Environment spokesman Kelvin Thomson's long campaign for publicity is taking him to new levels of desperation.

Today he has "made public" a draft document that he claimed was leaked. If he was doing his job, the Member for Wills would know that this draft document was circulated for comment to all Labor State and Territory governments as long ago as November. This included the Bracks Labor Government, in which his wife is a Minister. Apparently, nobody bothered to tell him.

The completed Australia's Third National Report under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change will be released shortly, and will include land-clearing data and up-to-date numbers on the 1990 baseline for greenhouse emissions, thereby providing a clearer picture of Australia's expected emissions measured against Kyoto-level targets.

The Member for Wills has once again rushed to judgment before seeing the final evidence, underlining Labor's tragically simplistic approach towards our environment.

Along with the ALP leadership, he would have Australia blindly ratify the Kyoto Protocol before it comes into force, without due diligence into the effects it would have on Australian businesses and jobs. The Howard Government is currently conducting this due diligence before making a final decision on ratification.

The Howard Government has invested more than $1 billion to tackle climate change and Australia is at the forefront of efforts to reduce global greenhouse emissions.

These reductions are achieved in all major sectors. In the energy sector, where emissions are most significant, over 30 million tonnes of abatement are expected through the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target, Generator Efficiency Standards, Minimum Energy Performance Standards and the Greenhouse Challenge.

Whether or not the Kyoto Protocol comes into force, the Howard Government will continue to work towards Australia's target of 108% of emissions over 1990 levels.

Does Labor have a greenhouse policy at all?

If so, can someone please leak it to the Member for Wills . . . soon.

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