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Media Release
Minister for the Environment and Heritage
Dr David Kemp

27 September 2002

Rip van Kelvin... He Sleeps, He Talks, He Squawks

The Opposition’s environment spokesperson Kelvin Thomson has got it wrong yet again in another example of his incompetence and inability to put in the hard work in addressing environmental issues.

In a press release yesterday that screamed "Leaked Gouldian Finch Report" Kelvin claimed an exclusive that 200 Gouldian Finches, have had their habitat damaged by ADrail, the developer of the Alice Springs to Darwin railway.

In fact, the Northern Territory Government released the report Damage to critical feeding sites of the Gouldian Finch by ADrail within the Yinberrie Hills lowlands over a month ago.

Since then:

It is very difficult to work while asleep. Kelvin Thomson should wake up.

According to information from the Gouldian Finch Recovery Project, the Gouldian Finch numbers as one of Australia’s most beautiful birds. It is a small seed-eating bird weighing about 15 g and was once one of the most common species throughout northern Australia. It is also one of the world’s most popular species to be kept in aviaries.

The distribution of the Gouldian Finch in Australia is shown on the attached map.

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Map showing distribution of the Gouldian Finch

Map showing distribution of the Gouldian Finch

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