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Media Release
Minister for the Environment and Heritage
Senator the Hon. Ian Campbell

17 September 2004

Labor - call that a coastal policy?

Australia's magnificent coastline is another Latham Labor loser under their rehashed coastal policy.

"Labor paid five minutes lip service to Australia's shores in re-announcing the policy they put forward in April," Federal Environment Minister, Ian Campbell said.

"That's all our beaches and oceans are worth to Labor - five minutes, no new initiatives, and the same $31 million to be spent on a mystery package of unknown projects

"Labor's policy for cleaner beaches is to do monitoring, planning and report cards, but they have no policy to cut ocean outfalls pouring sewerage into the sea.

"This stands in stark contrast to the Coalition Government's policy to reduce waste flowing into the sea by developing alternatives to ocean outfalls and better management of sewerage in our coastal cities and towns.

"Labor's re-announced $31 million contains no detail about projects or a State breakdown - how will it be divided?

"Where is the policy depth needed to understand and manage our vast coastline and marine environment? Missing from Labor.

The Coalition Government knows there is much more to costal management and preservation as just some of our achievements demonstrate

"Labor, however, hasn't mentioned any coastal issues besides storm water and Ningaloo

"Ningaloo is an outstanding iconic marine environment, but Again, Labor hasn't done their homework and has no grasp of the real issues.

"There is no news in Labor's announcement regarding Ningaloo. The application has been made and the process underway. Moreover, Labor wants to push through the listing without undertaking due process.

"Labor says they'll work with State Governments, but there is no mention of local communities and local governments who are at the forefront of coastal action and management.

"This is the same approach Labor took last time it was in power with Shark Bay. This high handed approach created animosity amongst people in the Shark Bay community

"The Coalition Government will insist that the application for Ningaloo to be a listed as a World Heritage site proceeds on the basis of a true partnership with the local community, not imposed by bureaucrats and politicians in governments in Perth or Canberra."

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