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Joint Media Release
Australian Minister for the Environment and Heritage
Senator the Hon. Ian Campbell
Australian Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
The Hon Peter McGauran MP
Tasmanian Minister for Environment and Planning
Judy Jackson

26 October 2005

$3.8 million to manage Cradle Coast’s natural resources

Sustainable management of the Cradle Coast’s outstanding natural resources is being boosted with $3.8 million from the Australian Government’s Natural Heritage Trust.

The funding was announced today by Australian Ministers for the Environment, Senator Ian Campbell, and Agriculture, Peter McGauran, and the Tasmanian Minister for Environment and Planning, Judy Jackson.

Senator Campbell said the funding would help communities care for the region’s farming land, rivers, coasts and endangered species.

“Managing our natural resources sustainably is one of the greatest challenges facing us today, locally, nationally and internationally,” he said.

“It’s through initiatives like those in the Cradle Coast that communities and governments can meet this challenge together.

“These projects are based on taking a ‘whole of catchment approach’ to managing our land and it is important that people across the region are closely involved in developing and undertaking them.

“Projects being funded will support sustainable land use, restore rivers, improve water management, conserve biodiversity and threatened species, protect coasts and help develop the community’s skills.”

Minister McGauran said integrated property planning was being supported with $246,000 in funding.

“We’re also investing over $650,000 to provide incentives for land managers for fencing to protect streams, to protect remnant vegetation, improve wetland management and manage and control weeds,” he said.

“While governments can provide funding for projects, it is communities who need to undertake the work and we have allocated $268,000 to maintain a network of local natural resource management facilitators.”

Minister Jackson highlighted the emphasis on coastal protection and water quality.

“Coastal issues are vital for a region like the Cradle Coast and we have allocated $268,000 for on-ground work on coastal and estuarine sites. A further $171,000 will go into activities to improve water quality and river health in the region.

“The ongoing importance of community participation is also reflected in the $214,000 committed to promoting community employment and training programs in NRM,” she said.

The Ministers praised the work undertaken by Cradle Coast landholders, land managers, academic and scientific organisations, environmental and industry groups, as well as government agencies in developing the funded projects.

NRM strategies and investment proposals for the whole of Tasmania were announced recently by Australian Conservation Minister, Senator Ian Macdonald, and Minister Jackson.

A full project list is attached. For further details visit

Media contacts:
Renae Stoikos (Senator Campbell) (02) 6277 7640 or 0418 568 434
Russ Neal (Minister McGauran) (02) 6277 7520 or 0413 601 303

Summary of Natural Heritage Trust activities in Cradle Coast NRM Region
Activity NHT $ 05-06
Program: Sustainable Land Use  
Establish Benchmarks and Targets For Soil Condition of Land Used For Agriculture Forestry or in Reserves. $59,000
Undertake an Investigation to Characterise the Extent and Rate of Change in Land Affected by Salinity and Salinity Risk (King Island) $86,000
Facilitate Adoption of Best Practice Techniques For Soil Erosion Control in Agriculture and Forestry. $86,000
Facilitate Adoption of Integrated Property Planning Including Game Management Planning. $246,000
Program: Water Management and River Restoration  
Promote Adoption of  and Compliance With Accreditation Schemes  Best Practice Guidelines  Standards and Codes of Practice in Priority Catchments $246,000
Develop and Implement Water Management Plans in Priority Catchments (eg Welcome  Montagu  Duck  Inglis  Rubicon and Leven). $171,000
Provide Incentives For Land Managers to - Fence Streams and Riparian Zones- Undertake Riparian Revegetation Activities- Protect Remnant Vegetation- and Improve Wetland Management. $321,000
Develop Framework For the Benchmarking of Key Wetlands and Implement a Program of Assessing Their Current Condition Extent and Threats. $11,000
Benchmark Condition of Rivers (eg. State Of The Rivers Assessment Rivercare) and Identify Priority Sites For The Maintenance or Improvement of Riparian Buffer Strips. $102,000
Develop A Regional Water Quality and River Health Monitoring Program $171,000
Program: Biodiversity & Threatened Species Conservation  
Develop The Means to Interpret Regional Data For Focusing The Implementation of On-Ground Works $54,000
Set Vegetation Condition Benchmarks For Cradle Coast Region. $32,000
Develop and Implement Conservation Plans/Agreements (E.G. Migratory Birds) at Priority Sites in Consultation With Landowners. $64,000
Support Development and Coordinate The Implementation of Threatened Species Recovery Plans and Protection Measures. $107,000
Contribute to The Process of Identifying Flora and Fauna of High Conservation Priority or of Iconic Status in The Region (eg. Eastern Barred Bandicoot  Platypus  Eastern Quoll and Tasmanian Devil) to Prevent Them Becoming Threatened $32,000
Undertake Surveys to Identify Population Characteristics of Giant Freshwater Lobster and Burnie Burrowing Crayfish. $32,000
Establish and Implement Incentive Programs to Encourage Land Managers and Groups to Control Weeds  and Monitor and Document Outcomes and Review as Necessary in Hot Spots. $321,000
Support and Assist Conservation and Restoration of Habitat Throughout Region Through Providing Incentives Including Habitats That Form or Enhance Strategic Biodiversity Links. $375,000
Program: Coastal Protection  
Undertake Prioritised On-Ground Works in Coastal and Estuarine Systems Including Foreshore Stabilisation. $268,000
Develop and/or Implement Management Plans For Nationally Significant Estuarine Coastal and Marine Areas. $54,000
Determine Baseline and Condition Benchmarks and Establish Reference Sites For Key Habitats Including Rocky Reefs. $74,000
Map Key Habitat Types and Significant Marine Communities (eg. Seagrass Macrosystis Beds Sponge Beds In Each Bioregion $139,000
Develop Water Quality Objectives and Targets For All Estuaries and Marine Waters in the Region  Consistent With Protected Environmental Values $161,000
Develop a Program That Will Establish Conservation Value Detailed Baseline Information and Indicators For Water Quality For Priority Estuaries (eg Duck, Montagu, Detention and Black Rivers.) $161,000
Program: Community Capacity  
Local Facilitator Network – Cradle Coast Region $268,000
Develop and Promote Employment and Training Programs For Local People to Encourage Participation In NRM. $214,000
Total Cradle Coast NRM Regional Funding $3, 855, 000
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