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Media Release
Australian Minister for the Environment and Heritage
Senator the Hon. Ian Campbell

14 August 2006

Beazley wrong on Bald Hills

Labor Leader Kim Beazley’s comments today in relation to the Bald Hills wind farm are wrong and display his complete lack of regard for the facts.

In an address to Federal Parliament today, Mr Beazley simply regurgitated the propaganda from his colleagues in the Bracks Government designed purely for political purposes.

Mr Beazley said that “Once in every 1,000 years a parrot may be flogged by a windmill working in Gippsland…”.

The report on which I made my original decision on the Bald Hills wind farm did not come to this conclusion.

What is important however is what Mr Beazley didn’t say.

Mr Beazley didn’t say that his colleagues in the Bracks Labor Government have been sitting on a report from the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment for 956 days which warned that “the Bald Hills wind farm proposal will increase the level of threat to the Orange-bellied Parrot.” (The Age, 29 July 2006)

Mr Beazley didn’t tell the Parliament that this secret report said it was “highly likely” the Orange-bellied Parrot would fly through Bald Hills, at the same height as the rotor blades and that it recommended that “a conservative approach is therefore required which acknowledges that this proposed development will increase the cumulative risk to the species posed by the wind farm industry”. (The Age, 29 July 2006)

Mr Beazley conveniently omitted the fact that the Victorian Government has since confessed to choking off the approvals process for a proposed wind farm next door to Bald Hills in Gippsland.

The Australian newspaper reported on the weekend that the Dollar wind farm proposal has been awaiting Victorian Government Planning Minister, Rob Hull’s approval for 450 days.

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