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The Hon Peter Garrett MP
Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts

20 Contemporary music tours for regional Australia

Media release
10 May 2010

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Regional and remote communities around Australia will soon have the opportunity to enjoy live performances of contemporary music, Arts Minister Peter Garrett said today.

"Twenty great tours are being supported through this latest round of support through the Contemporary Music Touring Program.

"For more than 10 years now, support from the Contemporary Music Touring Program has helped contemporary musicians to perform to audiences in regional and remote parts of Australia," Mr Garrett said.

"The successful applicants under this latest funding round will travel across the country, bringing live performance of many styles of contemporary music to appreciative audiences."

Mr Garrett said that the touring program brings benefits to both the musicians and the communities they visit.

"While the exposure and touring experience benefits the bands, these tours also bolster the communities they visit, including by helping to support the local economy."

Highlights of round 19 include:

The tours also bring professional development opportunities for emerging local music professionals. For example, the 'Indent Ten Year Tour' by MusicNSW will offer professional development workshops to emerging musicians on topics like booking bands, budgeting and legal copyright, as well as songwriting and general band craft.

More information about the Contemporary Music Touring Program is at . A full list of round 19 recipients is attached.

Contemporary Music Touring Program 2010

Round 19 recipients

Western Australia

Mace Francis ($10,000)

Mace Francis, a Perth-based 14 member jazz orchestra, for a five-state tour in July 2010 for two weeks. The ‘Neverever Tour’ will take 11 performances to 11 destinations in Qld, NSW , ACT, Vic, WA.


Benjamin Winkelman ($10,000)

The Ben Winkelman Trio, a Melbourne based three-member contemporary jazz band, goes on a four-state tour in July 2010. The tour is titled ‘The Third CD Launch Tour’ and comprises 11 performances at 11 destinations in Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic.

Chaskiel Gawenda ($9,238)

Husky, a Melbourne based four-member folk band, is funded for a three-state tour in July–August 2010. The three-week tour is titled the 'Husky Album Launch Tour'. There will be 12 performances at nine destinations in NSW, Vic, NT.

Mei Lai Swan ($9,750)

Mei Lai Swan is a Melbourne based four-member alternative band. Their four-state, seven-week album launch tour will start in November 2010. It will comprise 12 performances in 12 destinations in Qld, NSW, Vic, NT.

Shannon Barnett ($9,902)

The Shannon Barnett Quartet, a Melbourne based jazz band, will tour six states in September–October 2010. The four-week ‘Country Tour’ comprises 19 performances at 19 destinations in Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic, SA, WA.

Sianna Lee ($9,992)

Sianna Lee is a Melbourne based three-piece pop/folk band. They will tour seven states over eight weeks in October–November 2010. The ‘Behepa Tour’ involves 48 performances in 44 destinations in Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic, Tas, SA, WA.


Bel Morrison ($4,499.45)

Brisbane based pop soloist Bel Morrison will take the ‘You Are My Destination’ tour to 19 destinations in Qld and NSW. The tour involves 25 performances.

Chris Pickering ($10,000)

The Brisbane based three-member indi pop/rock band Chris Pickering will take ‘Tour of Fiction’ to 22 venues in Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic, SA. The tour involves 22 performances.

Claire Whiting ($8,971)

Brisbane based three-member alternative rock band Claire Whiting will take the ‘Broken Compass Tour’ to nine destinations in Qld and NSW, accompanied by Montpelier and Lame Ringo, both four-member alternative rock bands. The tour involves nine performances.

Sunflower ($6,900)

Sunflower, a Brisbane based four-member alternative rock band, will take a three-state tour in June and July 2010. Titled the ‘La Reveille Tour’, it comprises 12 performances at 10 destinations in Qld, NSW, Vic.

Tim Loydell and the Deckchairs ($10,000)

Tim Loydell and the Deckchairs, a Brisbane based four-member Roots/folk/rock band, take a three-state tour in September–November 2010. The seven-week tour, titled the ‘Hello Friends Tour’, involves 26 performances at 24 destinations in Qld, NSW, ACT.

Zennith Boyz ($10,000)

Zennith Boyz, a Far North Queensland based six-member reggae/hip hop/rock band which incorporates traditional Aboriginal music, will tour five states in July, August and September 2010. The four-week tour is titled the ‘Zennith National Tour 2000 & Zen Tour’ and comprises 18 performances and some workshops at 18 destinations in Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic, SA.

The Staple Group ($9,150)

The Staple Group is to tour The Amity Affliction, a Brisbane based six-member hardcore punk band, to six states in 2010. The four-week ‘Blackout Tour’ will be 22 performances and nine workshops at 22 destinations in Qld, NSW, ACT, Victoria, SA, WA.

New South Wales

Dianna Corcoran ($10,000)

Sydney based country singer Dianna Corcoran will tour to 11 venues in Qld, NSW and Vic. The tour involves 17 performances.

Marshall Okell ($7,651)

Marshall Okell will take the ‘Friends for Life WA Tour’, by the Lennox Head based threemember rock band Marshall and the Fro, to nine venues in WA. The tour involves nine performances.

Music Association NSW Incorporated ($10,000)

Indent is a project by MusicNSW, the peak youth network for all-ages drug and alcohol free music entertainment in NSW. Music Association NSW Incoporated will tour the ‘Indent Ten Year Tour’ to schools in NSW.

Rose Ertler ($9,262)

New South Wales based ukelele player and folk/pop soloist Rose Turtle Ertler will take the ‘Into Her Winter Kitchen’ tour to 20 venues in Qld, NSW, Vic, NT and WA. The tour involves 27 performances.

GraceMusic Pty Ltd ($10,000)

GraceMusic Pty Ltd will tour five-member jazz fusion band The Mark Isaacs Resurgence Band in August 2010 to nine venues in Qld, NSW, SA, NT, WA. The tour involves 10 performances and four workshops.

Stuart Gray ($7,000)

Stuart Gray will tour ‘I Know You Want To’, by the Newcastle based six-member latin ska band Rubix Cuba, to 21 venues in Qld, NSW, ACT and Vic. The tour involves 28 performances.

The Delta Riggs ($10,000)

Sydney based seven-member rock band the Delta Riggs will take the Delta Riggs Rhythm & Blues Revue Tour to 39 venues in Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic, Tas, SA, NT. The tour involves 39 performances.

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